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Start your radio station

Here's how to create & broadcast your own Internet radio. Starting your radio station is easier than you think!



What you need to start your radio station

You don’t need much technical knowledge or to invest a lot of money in order to create an Internet radio station.

Find the idea or reason why you want to start your radio on the Internet.

Think about the community of listeners that you want to reach.

Choose one of our monthly or annual offers without any commitment.

Add music, content, or audio identification that will shape your radio.



Start your radio station the simple way

The Radio Manager provides all you need to start your radio station with comfort and simplicity.
We've merged the power of a professional tool with the usability of an online solution available to anyone.

Try it for free for 14 days - No commitment - No credit card required.

Discover RadioKing in 60 seconds!

Ready to start your radio station? Try it for free for 14 days!

Start your radio station - Mix

Still don’t have an idea?

Nurture your creativity with the help of our case studies. Then use our services to transform your idea into a project!


Why do radio presenters love RadioKing?

Whether it's big-name FM stations or people passionate about radio, radio stations around the world are achieving better results with our services.

Start your radio station - Project

Make your project

Our team is at your disposal to help you with the development of your project.

Start your radio station - Audience

Analyze your audience

Visualize your audience in real time and get full reports on your listeners.

Start your radio station - Income

Generate income

Monetize your radio station with our tools and keep all the revenue generated for you.

Start your radio station - Exchange

Exchange with your listeners

Use all of our proposed widgets to interact with your listeners.

Start your radio station - Broadcast

Easily broadcast on the Internet

Connect to the Internet with a simple computer and broadcast worldwide.

Start your radio station - First

Become the #1 on listening platforms

Automatically integrate your radio station onto the biggest listening platforms.

Whatever your project, your radio station has its place on the Internet.


No commitment, you can cancel at any time.

Broadcast with the right tools

Our services are designed to attract attention and encourage listening. They offer great flexibility in terms of customization, can be viewed on different devices and have been created to help you develop your audience.

Start your radio station - Theme

Radio Website

With our website option, enjoy a variety of powerful modules for your radio station without worrying about hosting and maintenance.

Create a website for your radio station

Start your radio station - Phone

Mobile App

Design your own mobile app for iOS & Android. Our Business Offer is also available on Apple TV, Apple Watch, Android TV & Android Auto.

Create a Mobile App for your radio station

Start your radio station - Speaker

Smart Speaker

Give your most connected listeners the chance to listen to your radio with a simple voice command thanks to our Smart Speaker offer.

Add your radio station to smart speakers

Start your radio station - StereoChic

Thousands of radio stations already use RadioKing.