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With the vast choice of radio microphones that exist, it can be difficult to know which model is best for your needs. Sound quality should be a priority for any radio host, and the choice of microphone will directly impact the audio experience you provide for your audience. Whether you’re broadcasting from a professional radio studio, or from your home, it’s possible to broadcast pro audio on your for a reasonable price range.


Why choose a USB microphone?

USB microphones allow you to broadcast live on air or record your radio shows without having to purchase any additional equipment such as an audio interface or mixing desk. Simply plug your USB microphone into your computer and you’re good to go! Ideal for anyone on a tight budget, a USB microphone does not require any additional equipment in order to function. USB microphones also include their own processing hardware and drivers, meaning that you won’t need to download anything additional in order for it to work.

Top USB radio microphones

Our selection of microphones will allow you to broadcast on your radio station with a professional sound quality for as little as $69.

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Frequently asked questions

A radio microphone is a great tool if you’re planning on broadcasting live. It’s what will allow you to speak live on air to your audience, while providing them with a high audio quality. The choice of your mic will depend on your budget and your studio set up.

USB microphones can be plugged in directly to your computer in order to start broadcasting live. XLR microphones use a different kind of connector (XLR) which require a mixing desk or audio interface in order to be connected to your computer.

If you choose to purchase a USB mic, you won’t need to purchase a mixing desk or audio interface. However, you may want to invest in accessories such as: a pop filter (to reduce plosive sounds) and a mic stand (to keep your microphone steady and avoid touching it). These accessories can be found at a low price range and can help improve your audio quality.