Create a website for your radio station!

  • Create a website for your radio station
  • Radio CMS and Webradio
  • Create a website for your radio station

Perfect for creating a website for your radio station

Designed and developed specifically for radio stations

A design that reflects your radio station

Impressive, professional and easy to customize

Thanks to the RadioKing Design tool, it’s never been easier to customize your radio website. Set the tone for your website with just a few clicks. Choose from over 40 background images or add your own design.

Responsive website

Adapts perfectly to all screen sizes

Responsive Design

No matter what device your visitors are using, they will find you. RadioKing allows you to create responsive websites, meaning that they can be viewed from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Add and organize content easily

It's as simple as a text editor!

Just like with a text editor. You can format your text directly online.

Easily manage your photos and add them to your articles using our media library.

Finally, you can view, edit, delete and (un)publish all your content with a single click!

  • Format your content

    It's as easy as formatting in Word!

  • Adding photo is a breeze

    Add photos to your articles easily

  • Manage your content with a single click!

    Manage your content with a single click!

A full backoffice suite!

More than 25 modules are available to manage the backoffice of your Radio Site website

Backoffice Site Radio

Share your media

Get all your media on your website

Designed with radio stations in mind

Essential modules for radio stations

An outstanding, multi-stream Radio Player

In addition to its multi-stream options, Radio Player also works with most platforms (Radionomy, Shoutcast, Icecast, etc.). It displays playback info and includes track sharing, iTunes purchasing, voting, dedications and lots more!

  • Programs

    The Radio Site includes a powerful, dynamic programming grid that showcases your station.

  • Playlist / Top Vote

    The Playlist is a great module for featuring tracks that are played regularly on your radio station.

  • Team

    A radio station is driven by a team! This is why it is crucial to put them in the spotlight using an appropriate tool!

  • Tracks

    The Radio Site automatically retrieves the tracks played on your radio station to insert them in the "What am I listening to?" module.

Customize your track covers

The Radio Site music database retrieves the tracks played on your station and allows you to customize their cover. The module also lets you choose a default image when the track is unknown.

Showcase your favorite artists!

The advantage of the Radio Site is that it makes it extremely simple to manage and edit all the content on your site. It is equally simple to personalize the site directly online.

Auto Retrieval

All the artist information is found automatically using external APIs.

Bios / Photos

Your listeners can check out the bios, photos and other information.

Top tracks & albums

The artist's best tracks and albums are listed on their page. Plus you can listen to audio samples!


Upcoming events featuring your artists are automatically listed!

Interact with your listeners

Encourage participation to boost loyalty

...and manage your community!

Share the adventure with your listeners

Gage your success!

With effective statistical tools

Format your content

See all your statistics with a single click and learn about discover your listeners' profiles!
The Radio CMS displays the essential information you need to manage your radio station.

Connect your Google Analytics account to your site to get even more statistical data.

Get noticed

Effectively improve your search engine ranking with Google

  • Naturally optimized

    Even if you don't know a thing about SEO, you’ll be able to create a site that works well in search engines, especially Google.

    For example, we have optimized the addresses of your site pages to improve your search engine ranking. The titles of your articles appear in the URL.

    The risk of duplicate content is avoided because a canonical URL is added systematically.

    Format your content
  • Advanced SEO

    If you want to take your indexing one step further, you can define a specific title, description and key words for each module on your site. Plus predefined tags allow you to let you add dynamic information (category and item names, publication date, etc).

    Your site map is automatically generated and contains all the links for your website. Just submit them to the various search engines for instant inclusion.

    Format your content

Hosted Radio CMS

It's fast and simple: we take care of everything!

Simple solutions

Exceptional service

Want to host the radio website on your own server?

It’s certainly possible to host the Radio Website on your own server.
In this case, our team takes care of the installation to ensure that everything functions smoothly.

Create a website for your radio station!

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