Create your radio website and share your universe

Amaze your listeners with a website that is customized to the colors of your radio station.

A website designed for radio stations

The website developed by RadioKing is designed specifically and solely for radio stations

Radio player

Your radio website includes a player bar visible on all pages. Your visitors become listeners with a simple click on the play button.

Top artists

The best titles and albums of the artist are displayed on their page. You can also listen to an audio sample!


Easily add your podcasts! Your listeners will then be able to access them at any time and download them thanks to the player integrated on your website.

Shows & Hosts

The radio website integrates an engaging show grid that showcases your lineup.

Top artists

The best titles and albums of the artist are displayed on their page. You can also listen to an audio sample!

What’s this track?

The radio website automatically retrieves the titles broadcast on your station and places them in the “What’s this title?” module.

Proudly show off your colors

Easily change the appearance of your website and check the result in real time.

All our templates are fully customizable. Thanks to our intuitive editor, you’ll be able to modify texts, colors, photos, videos and much more!

a responsive radio station website on desktop, tablet and smartphone

A responsive website

It adapts perfectly to all screens.

No matter what device your listeners use, they’ll find you! Your radio website will be accessible on:

  • Computers
  • tablets
  • and smartphones
custom site

Customizable at will

As simple as a text editor!
  • 100% online content formatting
  • Simplified management of photos thanks to a media library
  • View, modify, delete, (un)publish all your publications in one click!

Interact with your listeners

Encourage participation to boost loyalty

Games & Contests

Easily post new games and contests to engage your listeners!

Shouts Outs

Broadcast your listeners dedications on the air and build a loyal audience.


With the radio website, listeners can participate by voting for their favorite songs!


Your visitors will be able to comment on each article on your radio website.


Your listeners will be able to communicate live with you and other listeners via the Chat feature.


On each article your visitors will be able to share the content on their social networks.

Manage your community!

Communicate and share with your visitors

Member area

The radio website includes a members-only space that your listeners can register for, letting you build a real community.

Access rights

With advanced access rights management, you have the possibility of defining specific rights for each user.


Radio stations are usually managed by a team. This is why the radio website allows for multiple administrators.

How to get your radio station website listed on Google

If you want to take your indexing one step further, you can define a specific title, description and key words for each module on your website. Plus, predefined tags allow you to let you add dynamic information (category and item names, publication date, etc).

Your site map is automatically generated and contains all the links for your website. Just submit them to the various search engines for instant inclusion.

Become a star on search engines

The radio website is optimized to be referenced naturally on Google and other search engines.

Radio website statistics with number of visits: sessions, page views and users.

Measure your success!

View all your statistics in one click and discover the profile of your visitors!

The radio website displays all the essential information you need to manage your radio.

A hosted radio website

It’s fast and simple, we take care of everything!

Hosting included

Quick, reliable and secure, RadioKing offers a quality hosting service. We closely monitor the status of our servers and update their components regularly.


From security improvements to new features, you will never have to manage updates. They are automatically applied to your radio website.


We guarantee 99% availability for our hosting service and the swiftest response time possible. Hosting performance is a crucial factor for optimal use.
















$528 USD/year




Features: up to 20 customizable modules

3 Responsive & customizable themes infobulle
All themes are available.

All themes are available.

Secure hosting

100 GB monthly traffic

5 GB storage space

Free updates

White label (option)

Pricing in effect on 10/03/2023.
They cancel and replace the previous pricing.

Frequently asked questions

We provide a default domain to allow you to access your website as soon as it’s activated.

However, we do not offer a complete custom domain.

We recommend that you order a domain name from a registrar (OVH, Gandi, GoDaddy…) which you can then link to your radio website.

Of course! You can use your own domain (hosted on OVH, 1&1, GoDaddy, …). You just have to modify your DNS configuration to link the domain.

Here’s a guide that shows you how to easily link your domain name.

The White Label is an option that we offer on the radio website (it allows you to remove the mention of “RadioKing” at the bottom of the page).

This feature is optional and is priced at €15/ $18/ £12 /month including VAT on top of your service subscription.

Yes, we have created a podcast module especially for this purpose. You can add your podcasts either by adding the url of your episode if your podcast is hosted elsewhere, or by adding the mp3 file directly.

Yes, it’s possible to add multiple radio streams to your website player.

Yes, it is possible to add an external stream to your radio website player.