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Add all your music files and organize them as you wish.

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Simple and efficient

Once your music is uploaded, RadioKing retrieves the known information (in id3tags), as well as the cover art, the BPM and much more.
A smart music library that handles everything!

Manage your music with a single click

All in one

Organize your music library at a glance


This is where you’ll find all the songs that you can broadcast on your radio station.

Radio Imaging

Enhance your programs with your own audio elements such as: your jingles, liners and hourly announcements.


Store your pre-recorded radio programs or podcasts.


Generate revenue by including ads from your radio partners.

Audio shout-outs

Bring your radio station to life with audio shout-outs from your listeners.

14 days free – No credit card required – No commitment

Organize your radio schedule using filters and tags

Categorize your tracks

Organize your radio’s music library the way you want and easily create new automatic playlists thanks to Tags.

Filter it, search it, find it.

Filter songs by multiple criteria to quickly create playlists or add tags. Simply select the desired filter(s) and the first results will appear immediately.

Create Playlists

Simply drag and drop the songs you’ve selected, or create a smart playlist that automatically updates itself according to your criteria (audio length, release year…).

Editing the mix points of a song in the Radio Manager.

Manage mix points

The Radio Manager automatically detects and removes blanks at the beginning and end of your music and sets the best transition for each song as soon as it’s added to the music library. Of course, you can change the settings and define your own mix points. Pre-listen to the result of the transition in real time with the song of your choice!

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