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Of course! You can contact the RadioKing team whenever you want via the Support tab in your Customer Area. We respond in less than 24 hours to each request (and most of the time in less than 3 hours).

You can also consult our numerous tutorials, our YouTube channel or get valuable tips to improve your radio from our blog.

Absolutely not! We have developed RadioKing so that anyone can create their own radio on the Internet, without being a computer or radio pro.

In addition to that, we offer many tutorials to help you fully understand each of the features.

When the demo period ends you can continue your service by purchasing a subscription from this page.

Be careful not to wait too long as you have 20 days before your demo is permanently deleted.

If you do not wish to continue, you do not have to do anything and you will not be charged.

You can show as many adverts as you want! We offer different tools for the mobile app and the website that allow you to integrate an ad network like Adwords or Admob. It is also possible to easily program your adverts in the Radio Manager.

Yes, the radio player is included in all our offers (Start, Pro et Business).

With the RadioKing Manager you don’t need to leave your computer on. The radios we host are on cloud servers and run 24 hours a day without any intervention on your end.

However, for customers who wish to do so, it’s also possible to broadcast via a 24-hour broadcasting software (useful for FM radios, for example).

You can follow your consumption of listening hours at any time via your dashboard. We will notify you by email when you reach 80% and 90% of your monthly listening hours. It will then be possible to switch to a higher package in order to increase your listening hours.

If you reach 100% of your package, you will still be able to access your Manager but listeners will not be able to listen to your radio anymore.

It is also possible to increase your limit of listening hours. Please contact our support team.

Yes, you can have multiple radio stations on the same account and easily switch from one radio to another directly from the Radio Manager.

To broadcast music subject to copyright, you must obtain authorization from the organizations responsible for regulating the works. RadioKing does not provide any rights for the broadcasting of musical works. We invite you to contact the relevant music licensing authority in the country that you are broadcasting from for more information. You may find this article helpful.

We provide a default domain to allow you to access your website as soon as it’s activated.

However, we do not offer a complete custom domain.

We recommend that you order a domain name from a registrar (OVH, Gandi, GoDaddy…) which you can then link to your radio website.

Of course! You can use your own domain (hosted on OVH, 1&1, GoDaddy, …). You just have to modify your DNS configuration to link the domain.

Here’s a guide that shows you how to easily link your domain name.

The White Label is an option that we offer on the radio website (it allows you to remove the mention of “RadioKing” at the bottom of the page).

This feature is optional and is priced at €15/ $18/ £12 /month including VAT on top of your service subscription.

Thanks to the Mobile App Simulator you can change the content of your application as many times as you want. The changes will be visible immediately on all your users’ smartphones. Only the application icon, the loading page and the publication information cannot be changed at any time and require a new publication. Feel free to contact our team to learn more about republishing.

Apple and Google’s usage policies do not allow us to publish your apps on our accounts. You must have an Apple developer account to publish your app on iOS and/or a Google Play developer account to publish your app on Android. Developer accounts are not free: $99/year for Apple and 25$ (one time, for lifetime use) for Google. If you have any questions, our team is here to help!

You will need to publish the application by yourself on your developer accounts. Nevertheless, you will be guided through each step thanks to our interactive tutorial. If you can’t publish your app, there is a paid option for us to do it for you. Don’t hesitate to contact our support team for more information.

Yes, you have to update your application yourself. However, if you are unable to update your application, there is a paid option for us to carry out the update for you. Please contact our support team for more information.

By default, “RadioKing” appears at the bottom of the app description and in the “Info” icon on the application’s reading screen. It’s possible to remove any mentions of RadioKing by activating the white label option.

For now, you can only have one radio station per Alexa Skill. If you have multiple radio stations, you will need to create multiple Skills.

You don’t have to worry about publishing your voice app. We take care of publishing your Alexa Skill to our own Amazon developer account.

You don’t need a specific account to create your Alexa Skill. Our team will publish your skills on our developer accounts.

Unfortunately, you cannot modify Alexa Skills yourself after they have been published. The modification of your voice applications is possible, but it requires a complete republishing by one of our developers. Republishing is priced at $18/ £12 /€10.

No, the radio player is white-labeled and therefore does not display any mentions of RadioKing.

Radio Player uses HTML5 to launch playback, making it compatible with most smartphones.

Yes you can stop your subscription at any time via your customer area. We have written a tutorial to show you the necessary steps.

When you cancel a service, the subscription will automatically terminate on the upcoming due date.

We accept most credit and debit cards like Visa, Mastercard or American Express. We also accept payments via Paypal. Payments by bank transfer or check are only accepted for annual offers.

Subscriptions are renewed automatically from date to date. It’s therefore not possible to temporarily stop your subscriptions and then resume them.

Yes, at any time! You can switch to a higher or lower subscriptions whenever you want via your customer area. In the case of a switch to a higher offer, a prorated invoice will automatically be generated for the remaining days of your subscription.

Yes. All subscriptions are renewed monthly or annually depending on your payment preferences.

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