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Real time statistics for radio stations

View your audience live. You can see how many people are listening to your radio right now and where they are in the world.

Watch your radio grow

Follow the evolution of your online radio station’s listenership

Number of listeners

Average listening time

Total listening sessions

Listening sources

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Analyze your listening sessions

All your data is kept safe. You can precisely define the period you are interested in to obtain statistics for a specific time. Filter your radio statistics by hour, day, week or month, and export it all in one click.

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radio station statistics for which devices are used to listen

Listening sources

Discover at a glance where your listening comes from: devices used and listening platforms.

Voting for tracks

Discover the most liked music on your radio by letting your listeners vote for their favorite songs.


Detailed report

Receive a detailed report of the statistics* of your radio every week directly in your mailbox.

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