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Music, DJ sets, reviews, shows… Scheduling becomes easy with a radio automation software.

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Slide and Schedule!

Want to schedule a playlist or program to broadcast at a specific time? Simply drag and drop your content into your radio station’s broadcast schedule!

Organize a radio schedule according to the time of day: ads, jingles, medleys, sweepers...

Schedule your Breaks

Scheduling breaks has never been easier thanks to the Radio Manager. Easily program your jingles, adverts, sweepers, etc. Simply determine the time, day and repetition of your breaks, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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Advanced radio automation

Create your own show templates and organize your programming like a calendar by adding music categories, jingles, hourly announcements, intros and outros, etc.

View of the daily generation and radio planning of the day.

Daily Generation

View your entire radio station schedule at a glance and modify it in one easy click.

Your day is generated automatically according to your schedule but can also be modified at any time.

24-hour radio broadcasting

Nothing scheduled to broadcast on your radio station? No problem, the intelligent filler module will automatically take care of your music to ensure there’s never any dead air on your radio.

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