When airwaves go digital

AM/FM Radio stations: Find out what online radio streaming can do for you.

14 day free trial – No credit card required – No commitment

Make your radio accessible to everyone. All the time.

No borders

Share more than just an audio stream and accompany your listeners from one end of the world to the other. No more geographical limits thanks to the power of the Internet!

No interruptions

Troubles with your live broadcasting software or connection? Automatic broadcasting takes over instantly for a seamless broadcast on your Internet radio stream.

Ideal for thematic radio stations

Looking for a different theme for your FM radio’s online broadcast?

Let your imagination run wild on your online radio: create and manage as many radio stations as you want.

These FM radios are streaming online with RadioKing

Radio Vinci Autoroute

Logo de la radio Culture compagnie

France Culture

tropiques fm

Tropiques FM

Frequently asked questions

Yes, streaming an FM radio over the Internet is simple. Once you have created your RadioKing account and purchased your radio offer, you’ll need to retrieve the general output of the mixer, and send it to a computer that will be dedicated to broadcasting to the Internet. Install a live broadcasting software on this computer, and configure it by following our tutorials.

With the RadioKing Manager you don’t need to leave your computer on. The radios we host are on cloud servers and run 24 hours a day without any intervention on your end.

However, for customers who wish to do so, it’s also possible to broadcast via a 24-hour broadcasting software (useful for FM radios, for example).

You can follow your consumption of listening hours at any time via your dashboard. We will notify you by email when you reach 80% and 90% of your monthly listening hours. It will then be possible to switch to a higher package in order to increase your listening hours.

If you reach 100% of your package, you will still be able to access your Manager but listeners will not be able to listen to your radio anymore.

It is also possible to increase your limit of listening hours. Please contact our support team.

Yes, you can have multiple radio stations on the same account and easily switch from one radio to another directly from the Radio Manager.