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Who said Internet radio was only for professionals? Content creators, DJs, musicians or just enthusiasts, discover how to broadcast your own online radio station without any special technical knowledge.

Online radio associations

Work as a team with your partners. A shared Radio Manager with multiple online radio streams? See how easy it is to start broadcasting.


Elementary school, high schools, colleges, universities… Find out how easy it is to create your school’s very own Internet radio station.

AM/FM Radio

Need to create a thematic radio station or simply broadcast your main stream online? Find out how RadioKing can help you.

Brands and Stores

Create a unique audio experience for your establishment. Store, restaurant, hotel, bar…our Radio Manager adapts to your needs.

Marketing & Communication Agency

Create and manage all your customers’ online radios with a single tool. Automatic audience reports, multi-account management, discover the features that are important for your agency.


Festivals, sporting events, trade shows, product launches, political campaigns… Launch your online radio to cover your event with ease.

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