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The ideal educational tool to make your students aware of new information and communication technologies

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Why create an educational radio for your school?

Raise students' awareness of the media and press professions

Work on oral expression

Develop collaborative work

Use a precise and varied vocabulary

Create fun workshops

Radio Manager dashboard with radio station statistics.

Your radio studio: 100% online

By creating your educational radio with RadioKing, you will have a 100% online interface. Easily start broadcasting with a computer, with or without specific equipment.

If your school’s budget allows it, you can create a real studio with a microphone, headphones, or even a mixing desk.

Your radio, where you want it


Accessible to a worldwide community


Accessible only to your School, College or University

Broadcast live on air!

Schedule and broadcast your live shows with the broadcasting software of your choice.

Share your educational radio

A multitude of tools to develop the visibility of your online radio.

Website integration

Integrate a radio player on the website of your School, College or University.


Social networks

Use the social network widgets to automatically share your programming with your community.

For kids and grown-ups!

Primary school, junior high, high school, university…Online radio is a powerful educational tool whatever the age of your pupils or students.

children smiling with headphones and a microphone
Examples of educational radio activities

For the little ones

  • Quiz
  • Storytelling
  • Songs

For older students

  • Interviews
  • Prepared or improvised debates
  • News presentation

A sweet price

RadioKing offers start at $24/month including VAT and with no commitment.

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Frequently asked questions

No, not necessarily! We have developed RadioKing to allow anyone to create their own Internet radio without being a computer or radio pro.

What’s more, we offer a number of tutorials to help you fully understand each of the features in our help center, on our blog and on our Youtube channel.

To get started, you will need a computer with an internet connection. Then, if your budget allows it, you can equip yourself with microphones (with stands and cables), headphones and potentially a mixing desk. To learn more about prices and how to set up your radio studio, take a look at this blog article.

Of course! You can contact the RadioKing team whenever you want via the Support tab in your Customer Area. We respond in less than 24 hours to each request (and most of the time in less than 3 hours).

You can also consult our numerous tutorials, our YouTube channel or get valuable tips to improve your radio from our blog.

Here is an example of the steps you can follow to make your show a success: define the editorial line of the radio with your students, as well as the format of the show (news, debate, reading, music…), divide the work and the roles between your students, structure the plan of the show and write the planned interventions. Finally, practice (aloud) to ensure you launch your show in the best possible conditions.

With the RadioKing Manager you don’t need to leave your computer on. The radios we host are on cloud servers and run 24 hours a day without any intervention on your end.

However, for customers who wish to do so, it’s also possible to broadcast via a 24-hour broadcasting software (useful for FM radios, for example).