Broadcast Live on Your Radio Station with BUTT

Unlock the full potential of live broadcasting with BUTT, an essential tool.

The particularities of BUTT

BUTT (Broadcasting Using This Tool) is a versatile live broadcasting tool that enables you to stream live audio directly from your computer’s microphone or line input to your radio station.

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Discover how to broadcast live with BUTT

Are you ready to begin broadcasting live on your radio station via BUTT? Follow our video tutorial to find out how to easily configure your radio station and begin speaking live on air!

Record Your Live Broadcasts

Want to keep a record of your live sessions? BUTT enables live recording, allowing you to save your broadcasts and replay them anytime.

Speak Live on Air

With BUTT, engage your listeners by streaming live audio talks using your computer’s microphone. Instantly connect and start broadcasting with ease.

Broadcast Music Live

Seamlessly stream live music to your audience. BUTT allows you to connect live feeds and manage them effortlessly, ensuring a dynamic listening experience.

Download BUTT

BUTT is free and designed to fit your broadcasting needs seamlessly. Customize its settings to optimize your audio inputs, and manage connections efficiently. The intuitive interface includes a VU Meter for monitoring audio levels, ensuring the highest quality broadcast.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, BUTT allows you to record your live broadcasts effortlessly. You can activate the live recording feature within the software, enabling you to save your live audio streams directly on your computer. This is perfect for archiving shows or repurposing content.

BUTT is available on multiple operating systems, ensuring wide accessibility. You can download BUTT for Mac OS, Windows, and Linux. This makes it a flexible choice for broadcasters using different platforms.

Yes, apart from BUTT, there are other robust software options available for live audio mixing:

  • Mixxx: This is a free, open-source DJ software that allows you to perform live audio mixing. Mixxx is equipped with everything you need to start making DJ mixes in a tight, integrated package. It supports a wide range of hardware controllers and provides advanced features like BPM detection and sync.

  • SAM Broadcaster: A professional internet radio broadcasting solution, SAM Broadcaster offers advanced audio processing and automation capabilities. It’s designed for serious broadcasters and features built-in advanced audio processors, playlist management, and analytics.

  • LadioCast: Available for Mac users, LadioCast is a free application designed for streaming audio to Icecast or SHOUTcast servers. It supports multiple inputs and outputs, allowing complex live mixes and broadcasts with various audio sources.

These alternatives cater to different levels of expertise and broadcasting needs, from hobbyists to professional radio DJs.