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Manage your Internet radio station wherever you are, with no technical constraints.

Radio station statistics with the number of listeners over a selected period of time.

Broadcast at all times

24-hour automatic broadcasting.

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It's easy! Start broadcasting without any equipment.

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Broadcast live on your radio station at any time.

A simple tool...

You don’t need any technical knowledge or specific equipment to create your online radio!

...for everyone

Whether it’s a personal or collective project, creating an Internet radio is accessible to all.

Share your radio station

Manage your radio wherever you are, with no technical constraints.

Integration on your website

Integrate the radio player and widgets directly on your website.

Your own turnkey tools

Radio Website, Mobile Application, Smart Speaker App.

Smart Link

Share all your listening options in one link.

RadioKing Directory

List your radio on RadioKing's online and mobile platform for free.

Schedule your radio like a pro.

Planning your radio content becomes child’s play thanks to an easy-to-use interface.

Planning and Breaks

Create the plan of your program step by step by adding your music, jingles, sweepers and more... to the second.

Smart Playlists

Simply drag and drop the music you've selected, or create smart playlists that automatically update themselves according to your criteria (track length, year of release...).

Daily Generation

Generate the schedule of your day in one click and modify it in real time.

We’re here for you

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Frequently asked questions

An Internet radio (also known as online radio), is a radio station that is broadcast over the Internet through continuous streaming. Like a conventional radio station, there are all types of online stations: music, thematic, generalist, etc. Creating and managing an online radio station is done exclusively over the Internet.

To get started, you will need a computer with an internet connection. Then, if your budget allows it, you can equip yourself with microphones (with stands and cables), headphones and potentially a mixing desk for live streaming. To learn more about prices and how to set up your radio studio, take a look at this blog article.

Not at all! We have developed RadioKing to allow anyone to create their own Internet radio without being a computer or radio pro.

In addition, we offer many tutorials so that you can fully understand each of the features.

When the demo period ends you can continue your service by purchasing a subscription from this page.

Be careful not to wait too long, you have 20 days before your demo is permanently deleted.

If you don’t want to continue, you don’t have to do anything and you won’t be charged.

Yes, it’s possible to have several radio streams by purchasing several radio subscriptions. On the other hand, it’s not possible to have several streams linked to a single radio. Each stream corresponds to a different radio subscription.

You can run as many ads as you want! We offer different tools on our mobile apps and website services to integrate an ad network like Adwords or Admob. It’s also possible to easily schedule your audio ads to broadcast directly from the Radio Manager.

To broadcast live on your Internet radio station, you will need to use a live broadcasting software. RadioKing is compatible with most solutions. Simply configure your live connection information thanks to our many tutorials. Once your live broadcast is over, the Radio Manager will automatically switch back to broadcasting your content automatically.

Of course! You can contact the RadioKing team whenever you want from the Support tab in your customer area. We answer every request within 24 hours (and most of the time within 3 hours).

You can also consult our numerous tutorials, our Youtube channel or get valuable advice to improve your radio from our blog.