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In just a few clicks, broadcast your association’s radio on the Internet and obtain new listeners.

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Collaborate without stepping on each other's toes

Manage one or more stations with RadioKing and create specific accesses (administrators or hosts).

Live broadcasting with your team

Easily broadcast live on your radio with the software of your choice. All are compatible with RadioKing.

Schedule your radio like a pro.

Planning your radio becomes child’s play thanks to an easy-to-use interface.

Planning and Breaks

Create the plan of your programs by adding your music, jingles, sweepers and more... to the second.

Smart Playlists

Simply drag and drop the tracks you've selected, or create smart playlists that automatically update themselves according to your criteria (track length, year of release...).

Daily Generation

Generate the schedule of your day in one click and modify it in real time.

100% customizable radio imaging

Give your radio station a real sound personality by adding your own audio jingles, sweepers and time signals.

Broadcast your station in the best possible way

Build your community

A multitude of tools to boost your audience and develop the visibility of your association.

Integration on your website

Integrate the player and widgets directly on your website.

Your own turnkey tools

Website, Mobile Application, Smart Speakers.


Share all your listening options in one link.

Listening platform

Your radio listed on RadioKing’s web and mobile platform.

The Union of French Webradios has chosen RadioKing

Discover how the members of this association have joined forces to make a change in the industry of online radio stations.

Top tips for online radios

Our team works daily to provide you with valuable tips to help support your project. Discover them on our blog and on our Youtube channel.

Frequently asked questions

Although it’s possible to broadcast live with just a computer, a headset and an Internet connection, it’s a good idea for a community radio station to equip itself a little. This will enable you to have more than one presenter, to receive interviewees, to welcome listeners on the air by telephone, etc…

Generally speaking, you will need a microphone, a mixer and a computer.

Yes, you can have multiple radio stations on the same account and easily switch from one radio to another directly from the Radio Manager.

You can pay via Paypal or Credit Card when you choose a monthly subscription.

In addition to these payment methods, you can also pay by bank transfer or by check if you choose an annual subscription.

With the RadioKing Manager you don’t need to leave your computer on. The radios we host are on cloud servers and run 24 hours a day without any intervention on your end.

However, for customers who wish to do so, it’s also possible to broadcast via a 24-hour broadcasting software (useful for FM radios, for example).

To broadcast music subject to copyright, you must obtain authorization from the organizations responsible for regulating the works. RadioKing does not provide any rights for the broadcasting of musical works. We invite you to contact the relevant music licensing authority in the country that you are broadcasting from for more information. You may find this article helpful.