Easily manage your customers' online radios

Let your clients’ voices be heard with a customized sound universe.

14 day free trial – No credit card required – No commitment

A turnkey solution

Multi-radio management

Easily manage the radios of all your customers in one place.

Personalized access

Customize access rights to your Radio Manager by creating administrator or host profiles for your clients.

Simple and efficient

Music scheduling

Configure your own programs to include them in your broadcast schedule in a few easy clicks.

Detailed analysis

All your radio stations' statistics are preserved. Track the number of unique listeners, the duration, the location of the listening and much more!

Boosted visibility

Radio player

Your clients will be able to integrate their white-label radio player on all desired media.


This link brings together all of your clients’ digital communication channels and their various listening links on a single page.


Ready-made detailed reports

RadioKing creates detailed reports with statistics for all the radios you manage. You’ll receive them every week directly in your mailbox*.

*Option available for Pro or Business offers.

Training your team

So that your team can manage your customers’ radios as quickly & efficiently as possible, we offer 1 hour’s free training on our tool.

Offer more than just an online radio

Boost your customers’ visibility to the maximum by offering them tools designed for their radio.

Broadcast online radio via connected speakers

Smart Speakers

Launch your radio with a simple voice command.

Radio mobile application to listen to online radio station

Mobile Application

Put your radio in the pockets of millions of listeners.

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Cairo Business Radio

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BAMM Network Radio

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Cairo Business Radio

bam network

BAMM Network Radio

Logo de radio frogga, une webradio créée sur RadioKing

Radio Frogga

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Frequently asked questions

Absolutely not! We have developed RadioKing so that anyone can create their own radio on the Internet, without being a computer or radio pro.

In addition to that, we offer many tutorials to help you fully understand each of the features.

When the demo period ends you can continue your service by purchasing a subscription from this page.

Be careful not to wait too long, you have 20 days before your demo is permanently deleted.

If you don’t want to continue, you don’t have to do anything and you won’t be charged.

Yes, it’s possible to have several radio streams by purchasing several radio subscriptions On the other hand, it’s not possible to have several streams linked to a single radio. Each stream corresponds to a different radio subscription.

You can protect your stream, and make it accessible only from a list of IP addresses that you determine. This is particularly handy if you wish to secure your station and broadcast it to multiple stores.

You can run as many ads as you want! We offer different tools on our mobile apps and website services to integrate an ad network like Adwords or Admob. It’s also possible to easily schedule your audio ads to broadcast directly from the Radio Manager.

Of course! You can contact the RadioKing team whenever you want via the Support tab in your Customer Area. We respond in less than 24 hours to each request (and most of the time in less than 3 hours).

You can also consult our numerous tutorials, our YouTube channel or get valuable tips to improve your radio from our blog.