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Will radio station be the future of corporate culture?

After the health crisis, companies had to adapt by choosing new working methods. Some have decided to telecommute where possible. Corporate radio station is more relevant than ever, for a number of reasons. Today, any company can create its own radio station to meet an internal need, and the advantages are considerable.

Interactive strategy

By integrating a radio station into the internal communications strategy, employees feel more involved.

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Attractive communication

It is also a way for a company to convey its own values.

social link

Creating social links

Radio station creates a real social bond between company employees.

Improve your employees' living environment

Company radio station opens up a new channel for internal communication. Communicate, yes, but when? Don’t hesitate to communicate at important events in your company’s life. End-of-year celebrations, greetings or an employee’s birthday can be excellent reasons. These are always good times to work on the living environment and bring your staff together. If your employees work from home, it’s important to keep the company spirit alive, even from a distance. Suggest they add their favorite music, to encourage them to listen to the radio more regularly. This will also enable them to discover the tastes of their colleagues.

Improve your employees' living environment

Company radio station can also help you keep your employees informed in real time about the latest news, new business opportunities or the introduction of a new service. Internal communication is no longer a one-way street, which is why your radio station can be used by certain employees to share information within the company.
Maybe some of them will even want to be part of this project and host periodic shows. In addition to creating a pleasant working atmosphere, they will have the opportunity to enhance their communication skills.

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Boost your employees

Company radio station can also be an effective way of encouraging your employees, whether in pursuit of a common goal or a challenge organized within your company.

According to a number of studies, playing certain types of music can even boost productivity, especially if your employees have repetitive tasks. According to several studies, it even seems that playing certain types of music boosts productivity, especially if your employees have repetitive tasks. The most important thing is to play upbeat music, if possible without lyrics, so as not to create a distracting effect.

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Motivate your employees

Company radio station is the best way to motivate your staff during busy periods. Not only will the radio station be a support tool, but it will also allow your employees to relax a little at work. Would you like to develop a company radio station? Thanks to RadioKing’s services, you can set up a company radio station in just a few clicks.

Simply set the pace for your business with a dedicated radio.

RadioKing can support you in this complex and sensitive development. We know, for example, that in the interests of confidentiality you may not wish to be listed on our listening platform, but rest assured that this is not an obligation.

In fact, if you’d like to make your feed private, simply contact our team. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process of setting up and securing your project. Today, large companies and government agencies use radios stations to communicate with their employees. Why not you?

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