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Offer your customers a unique experience by streaming sound to your store.

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Pitch-perfect moments for your business

Select your own music and decide on the day’s program. Create your own audio identity so that your customers can take their time to make their purchase in a soothing atmosphere.

The front of a GAP store


Establish your audio universe in all your brand’s stores to give your customers a sense of familiarity.

view of a two-story shopping centre

Shopping centers

Offer your customers a unique shopping experience to the rhythm of catchy playlists.

The front of a Gucci store

Luxury and high-end

Chic, refined music for a special moment in a welcoming atmosphere unlike any other.

Catch your customers’ attention

Enhance your products by streaming music through your own online radio. Transport your customers from the moment they walk through your store doors by welcoming them into a world of audio content that reflects your identity. Be subtle and original to make your customers want to stay as long as possible.
Good programming conveys emotion. Your customers need to feel at home in your store, whatever the time of day. Opt for a calm atmosphere in off-peak periods, and a more upbeat one at busy times.

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Build customer loyalty

More than just a way to add sound to your business
Set yourself apart from the competition by offering your customers the best tailor-made sound atmosphere. By giving your spaces an audio identity, you’ll build customer loyalty.
Share your radio on social networks or on your e-commerce site with our customizable radio player. Your customers will be able to find the music they enjoyed most while shopping.

Why create an in-store radio station?

Sensorial marketing enables you to offer your customers a new experience and significantly increase your sales. Music is an essential component for stores, and it’s important to be able to compose your own audio identity.
Online radio gives you total control over the content that is broadcast in your store. You can even create and broadcast your own jingles to reinforce the sound identity of your business.

Why choose RadioKing rather than a traditional platform?

With over 4,000 clients worldwide, we enable you to create your own sound identity with our solution. With RadioKing you can choose the content you want to broadcast.
Schedule your days up to 6 months in advance and anticipate special events by preparing specific playlists.

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