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Discover all the features of the Radio Manager and our tools for developing your audience.

Overview of the Radio Manager

Create, schedule and broadcast your online radio anywhere in the world in minutes.

Media Library

A simple, efficient media library for all your music, jingles, recordings, advertising and shout-outs.


Plan your days in a few easy clicks, create your own personalized show templates and organize your programming as you see fit.


Expand your audience with a range of widgets, and create your own website and mobile app to boost your visibility!


Want to go live on your online radio? It couldn’t be easier! RadioKing is compatible with all major broadcasting software.


Get to know your listeners by analyzing your radio’s statistics. A powerful tool to optimize your audience.

Mobile Application

Create your radio application in just a few clicks and develop your audience. Your listeners can tune in to your radio anywhere!

Radio Website

The radio website is the perfect way to give your radio station the visibility it deserves. Create your website in minutes thanks to our intuitive templates, and customize it as desired.

Smart speaker apps

Broadcast your radio on Amazon Alexa connected speakers.

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