Do you have your own internet radio station? Create a direct and almost permanent link with your listeners by creating an iOS & Android radio mobile application!

1. Reach more listeners
2. Grant easy access to your audience
3. Showcase your radio station
4. Better visibility for your radio
5. Improve your audience with push notifications
6. Monetize your radio app
7. Promote your podcasts
8. Create a relationship with your listeners
9. Create a multi-stream app
10. Creating a radio app is easy!

Creating a dedicated mobile app for your radio has many advantages for your listeners, and also for the growth of your station. Let’s dive in to 10 reasons to create a radio mobile application!

1) Reach more listeners

First and foremost, creating a radio mobile application is the perfect way to reach more listeners. By making your radio available to your audience on a device as popular as a smartphone, you invite your radio into the lives of millions of people.

86.11% of the world’s population owns a smartphone

According to Statista, in 2022, 86.11% of the world’s population owns a smartphone, compared to 45.1% in 2020. This represents 6.92 billion smartphone users in the world today, who could easily tune-in to your radio station from their mobile phone. Put yourself in their pocket and allow millions of people listen to you every day directly via your radio mobile application.

Radio is being listened to more and more via mobile phones

Radio is no longer limited to being listened to in the car or on a classic radio post. Nowadays, listeners listen to radio outside their homes, thanks to the Internet and new digital media. Take advantage of this trend to reach a new target audience!

2) Grant easy access to your audience

Having a radio mobile application will also allow your audience to easily tune in to your station! No need to fiddle around on a classic radio post in order to find the right frequency thanks to your dedicated app.

Open and play

The beauty of having a radio mobile app is the simplicity of use. Once your audience have downloaded your app onto their device(s), they will always be just a few clicks away from listening to your radio: 1 click to open the app, and 1 click to press play. That’s all there is to it! Remember, the simpler it is to access your radio station, the more likely people are to tune in.

Use other apps simultaneously

Your audience doesn’t even have to keep your radio mobile application open in order to continue listening to your station. They can close the app (as long as it’s still running in the background), and still enjoy your musical selection whilst continuing to answer emails or text messages from their smartphone.

3) Showcase your radio station

Your radio mobile app is the perfect way to showcase your station on the phones of your listeners. It will allow you to transmit the spirit of your radio through the design, colors, and content that you choose.

Integrate your website on your radio mobile application

Create a direct link with your radio website by creating a dedicated tab in your radio mobile app. This will allow your audience to access exclusive content on your website. This is a great way to increase traffic towards your website, which can help you in terms of SEO.

Add your social networks

Nowadays, social media is essential for brands, so don’t forget to highlight yours! Add your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts so that your audience can easily follow you and check out your latest posts. Many listeners like to see what happens behind the scenes, and social media is the perfect place to give them that content, so post consistently and make them want to follow you!

Create custom HTML tabs

Here at RadioKing we want to allow you to let your imagination run wild. This is why we’ve also included custom HTML tabs so that you can add whatever content you like to your radio mobile application!

4) Better visibility for your radio

Having your radio app in your listeners’ mobile is an excellent way to increase the visibility of your radio, and boost its notoriety at the same time!

Your radio mobile application on the Google Play store & App store

Having a mobile app that is available to download from the App Store and/or the Google Play Store is a great thing to be able to advertise on the air, or on your website. It makes your radio incredibly accessible, and also makes it very credible. People will have no problem downloading an app from these secure sources.

Android TV & Android Auto

Starting from our our Pro Mobile App offer, Android users can benefit from your radio app on Android TV and Android Auto. This means that they can easily listen to your radio from the comfort of their living room by launching the app on their connected TV, or on their commute to work by opening to app in their connected car. Wherever they are, your radio mobile app can accompany them on their daily routine.

Apple TV & Apple Watch

Our Business Mobile App offer also makes your radio available on Apple TV and Apple Watch. Again, it’s the perfect way to accompany your listeners on their preferred device, wherever they are.

RadioKing currently has 3 Mobile App Offers:

  • Start Offer: Available on Android
  • Pro Offer: Available on Android (Android Auto & Android TV included)
  • Business Offer: Available on iOS and Android (Apple TV, Apple Watch, Android TV & Android Auto included)

5) Improve your audience with push notifications

Another great advantage of creating a radio mobile application is the possibility of sending push notifications to your audience, directly on their smartphone. This gives you an easy way to stay in contact with your listeners and make sure they don’t miss out on anything important!

Schedule your notifications in advance

Do you have a live broadcast coming up later in the week? It’s imperative to remind your audience at least an hour before so that they remember to tune in. In order to give you peace of mind, and leave you more time to get ready for your radio show, you can easily schedule your notification in advance. Prepare your message and decide on which day, and at what time you would like your listeners to receive it, and click on schedule!

Send your notifications according to location

Another great feature is the possibility of sending push notifications according to a specific location. For example, if you are participating in an event, you can choose to send a notification to anyone who has downloaded your app that enters that geographic area!

6) Monetize your radio mobile application

Monetizing your radio application is a great way to earn some extra cash! There are multiple possibilities:

  • Charge people for your app: you can make your app downloadable for a small price that you choose yourself. Make sure to keep the price reasonable so that you don’t discourage people from downloading it.
  • Include adverts: sell ad space on your mobile app to businesses who are linked to the same domain, or geographical are as you.
  • Add a PayPal button: let your listeners know that you are accepting donations by adding a PayPal button to your app via a custom HTML tab.
  • Use AdMob: developed by Google, AdMob is a quick and easy way of earning some cash by displaying adverts in your mobile app.
  • iTunes affiliate program: create an iTunes affiliate account and earn a commission for every song purchased through your radio mobile app.

These solutions may not help you earn a ton of cash overnight, but they can help support your radio station in the long run!

7) Promote your podcasts on your radio mobile application

Adding podcasts to your radio mobile application is also a great way to diversify the content you offer to your listeners.

An all-in-one solution

Your mobile app becomes and all-in-one solution for listening to your radio station and your podcasts too. Easily share your podcasts with your radio listeners through a dedicated RSS feed tab. They will be able to listen to them directly through your application, without having to go through an external platform! They’ll have access to everything they need in one place.

Provide catch-up content on your radio mobile application

Podcasts are the perfect way for you to provide catch up content for your audience. Make sure to record your live broadcasts so that you can upload them as podcasts for those who weren’t able to tune in live at the time. It allows you to keep your content alive, even after your live show is over, and it gives everyone a chance to catch up on content that they might have missed.

8) Create a relationship with your listeners

Being present in your listeners’ phones allows you to interact with them directly and create a real relationship. This is essential when it comes to building a loyal fanbase that will always keep coming back for more.

Keep in touch via your radio mobile application

It’s important that your listeners know that they can contact you in order to give you feedback, ask a question, or simply let you know how much they love your station! Thanks to the radio mobile application, they can reach you directly through the contact button or visit your social media pages. All of these interactions will strengthen your relationship with your listeners.

Let them have their say

Your audience also needs to feel heard, so make sure to take their opinions into account whenever possible. For example:

  • Song votes: allow your listeners to add a 👍 or 👎 to the songs they hear on your radio station by activating the option. You’ll receive the votes directly in your Radio Manager!
  • Dedications: if you have a RadioKing website, you can link your dedication module directly to your mobile app. This allows your listeners to leave a written message to let you know what they think of your radio station!

Being close to your listeners and having a good relationship with them allows you to build loyalty. They will come back to listen to a radio station where they feel important and where their opinions will be taken into account.

9) Create a multi-stream radio mobile application

With RadioKing, you can add as many streams as you want to your mobile app! Your listeners will be able to easily switch between streams at any time via the menu.

Why create multiple streams?

Having multiple streams allows you to create radios based on incredibly specific themes or genres! For example, you could have 3 different radios with the same global theme, but different sub-categories:

  • Jazz top hits
  • Funk top hits
  • Reggae top hits

This allows you to cater for a wide range of listeners, but still have a good idea of the specific content you wish to broadcast on your radio station.

10) Creating a radio mobile application is easy!

If you thought that technical skills were required in order to create a mobile app for your radio, you’re wrong!

RadioKing’s free radio mobile application simulator

Here at RadioKing, we’ve created an online app simulator that you can test for free! This simulator allows you to design your entire mobile app from A-Z, and see the modifications in real time.

It’s an incredibly easy way for you to choose the colors and content of your very own app. Create your radio mobile application today and put yourself in the pocket of millions of listeners!