Create a mobile application for your
radio station!

Get seen on mobile devices

Put your radio station in the pockets of millions of listeners.

Developed for radio stations

The RadioKing mobile app was designed specifically and exclusively for FM radio and web radio stations.

Multi-stream playing

Optimal quality, background playing and multi-stream player

Track display

Automatic title retrieval and display

Track sharing

Share current track on Facebook or Twitter or by e-mail

Mobile App Radio


Automatic cover retrieval based on track

Track purchases

Purchase current track directly on iTunes

Contact buttons

Contact via SMS, e-mail and/or telephone

Keep in touch with your audience

Communicate in real time with your audience thanks to Push Notifications.

  • Geolocalize outgoing data

    Would you like to send a notification to your audience in a specific city or country? Pick which geographic zones will receive your notifications.

  • Schedule your messages

    No time to send your notifications? The Mobile Manager will help you plan ahead to send them meaning you’ll never miss an opportunity to communicate with your audience!

Move things up a gear

Your radio station is now available in the car of your listeners with Android Auto.

Add content on your mobile app

Display your website content perfectly

News Podcasts Videos

The best way to build your audience's mobile app loyalty is to offer them something to check on a regular basis. Thanks to metadata integration, sharing your RSS (podcasts, videos or news) feed address is all you need to do to integrate content relevant to your website.

Invite yourself into the living room of your listeners

The app is available on AppleTV and AndroidTV, allowing you to be heard on the TVs of your listeners

Your radio station on the Apple Watch

Your app is both iPhone and Apple Watch compatible! Your audience can control the app from their wrists and change stream easily.

Your radio on the Apple Watch

Add as much content as you like

Your mobile app needs to be complete to appeal to your listeners.

Wake your listeners up!

Make the morning move. Thanks to your mobile app, they can wake up to the sounds of your station and listen to you throughout the day!

You can even schedule multiple alarms at once, which means users can set a different wake-up time for each day of the week.

Receive dedications on your app radio Dedications on the mobile application radio

Incorporate dedications

Listeners love reacting in real time and seeing their messages published! They can use the radio app to easily send dedications as well as read messages from other listeners.

The app works in parallel with Radio Site, giving you a central place to manage messages from your listeners.

Works exclusively with Radio Website by RadioKing

Monetize your app

Because Google's AdMob ad platform is integrated, monetizing your app by adding advertising is simple. Ads display when the app opens to avoid interfering with the user experience.

Analyze your success!

Free integration with the Flurry platform means you can get detailed information about downloads and use of your radio app.

It's easy to design your app online

Creating a mobile app for your radio station has never been so simple thanks to the online simulator.

Ready to start?

As of now, start creating your own mobile app - it’s quick and easy!

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