If you’re reading this, you probably already have your own radio station and are interested in creating or improving your radio mobile app. Creating a mobile app for your radio is a great way to provide easy access to your listeners, all they have to do is open your app and press play to start enjoying your broadcast. However, listening to your station isn’t the only essential feature that your app should provide. Let’s dive in and take a look at 10 essential features you should include in your radio mobile app!

1/ Radio player

The Radio Player is the most important feature of your app as it allows your audience to listen to your station. Your radio player should align with your brand and app aesthetics. Leverage the power of customization to match your app’s theme and branding. With RadioKing’s online app simulator, you can choose from various themes and customise colors with a few simple clicks. This allows you to create a visually appealing radio player that resonates with your audience.

Attract attention

As soon as your listeners open your app, the radio player is the first thing they’ll see. With just one effortless click, they’ll be instantly tuned in to your captivating broadcasts, immersing them in the world of your content.

But here’s the best part – your audience can stay connected to your station even while multitasking! No matter if they switch to another app or check their messages, the music or talk shows they love will keep playing. This ease of access encourages more frequent and spontaneous listening sessions.

Provide details

Enhance the radio player with real-time song information and album artwork display. Providing details about the currently playing track, artist, and album adds a professional touch to your app and keeps listeners informed about the music they’re enjoying.

By prioritizing the radio player as the central feature of your radio mobile app, you can create an immersive and user-friendly listening experience. The combination of an intuitive interface, visual customization, instant access, and interactive elements will undoubtedly elevate your radio station’s appeal and keep your listeners coming back for more.


2/ Radio website

Making your website easily accessible via your radio mobile app will help increase the traffic to your site. It helps you create a seamless transition for users to explore more content related to your radio station. This smooth user experience fosters higher engagement and encourages users to spend more time interacting with your brand.

Include exclusif content

You may want to include exclusif content such as catch-up shows (podcasts), photos or articles. Simply use the dedicated Website Tab, enter the URL of your radio website and customize your colors. You can also rename the tab if you like.

While the radio player focuses on real-time streaming, your website serves as an archive. It stores past shows, podcasts, interviews, and other content. This content repository allows users to access and relish their favorite moments on-demand, further solidifying their connection with your station.

SEO optimization

Make sure you have a well-optimized website as it helps you boost your radio station’s online visibility. When users search for relevant content related to your station, a well-optimized website is key. It increases the chances of your brand appearing in search results, attracting new listeners to your radio app.

Don’t have a website for your radio station yet? Follow this link to launch your 7 day free trial!

3/ Social media

Social media is another essential element that should be included in your radio mobile app. It helps you enhance engagement, expand your reach, and foster a deeper connection with your audience.

Encourage participation and engagement

By enabling the “share to social media” option, you empower your listeners to become brand advocates. When they share the current track or content on their social networks, it introduces your station to their friends, followers, and broader social circles, expanding your app’s reach and visibility.

Moreover, social media sharing encourages user-generated promotion for your radio station. Positive word-of-mouth and endorsements from your loyal listeners hold significant influence in attracting new users to discover and tune in to your station.

Understand your audience

Beyond building a community, social media interaction provides valuable data and insights. Analyzing sharing patterns and popular content helps you understand your audience’s preferences, enabling you to tailor your programming and promotional strategies accordingly.

As mentioned above, you can also use the Website Tab to create dedicated tabs for your social media pages. This can help grow your community!

4/ Keeping in touch

Being available to your audience is essential in order to create a sense of closeness with your community. Enable up to 3 contact buttons: Call, SMS and Email so that your listeners can easily send you a message.

Send push notifications

With all of our Mobile App Offers, you’ll be able to send push notifications to your listeners. You can leverage push notifications to remind them about upcoming live shows, radio contests, exclusive events, or special broadcasts. This personalized approach keeps your audience informed and fosters anticipation resulting in increased tune-in rates and overall engagement.

features app

Personalize your content

Moreover, taking your listeners’ opinions and preferences into account is key to tailoring your content and programming. Understanding their interests and responding to their feedback allows you to curate content that resonates with them, leading to a more satisfying experience. This level of personalization strengthens the bond between your radio station and your audience, making them feel like an integral part of the station’s success.

By being close to your listeners and creating a good relationship with them, you’re simultaneously building listener loyalty. When your audience feels connected and appreciated, they are more likely to return and listen to your radio station regularly. A good relationship with your community helps create a dedicated fan base that actively supports your station and promotes it through word-of-mouth and social sharing.

5/ Top track votes

The top tracks vote will allow your listeners to add a 👍 or 👎 to the current song. This will help you better understand the content that your audience loves. It’s the perfect way to check that your broadcast pleases your fans!

Take feedback in consideration

This interactive voting system serves as an efficient and immediate feedback mechanism. It enables you to gauge the popularity of different tracks, helping you curate playlists that align with your listeners’ preferences. Songs that receive an overwhelming number of likes indicate strong audience approval, while dislikes signal content that may not be as well-received. This data-driven approach ensures that you consistently deliver music that appeals to your audience, leading to higher listener satisfaction and retention.

Identify the latest trends

Furthermore, monitoring the voting trends over time provides valuable analytics on the changing tastes and preferences of your audience. You can use this data to identify emerging trends, popular artists, or specific time slots that receive the most engagement. Armed with these insights, you can optimize your programming, promotions, and marketing strategies to effectively cater to your listeners’ interests.

As an added benefit, the top tracks vote feature can also be leveraged for special events, theme nights, or contests. For example, you can run a “Listener’s Choice” where listeners vote for their favorite songs to be played in a dedicated broadcast. Such interactive initiatives not only boost engagement but also create memorable experiences for your audience, fostering a positive listening environment.

6/ iTunes purchase button

By activating the iTunes Purchase Button in your app, you allow your listeners to buy the track that they’re listening to. The ability to buy the song with just a few taps enhances user engagement and keeps them connected to your app, as they can effortlessly add new music to their collections.

Monetize your application

But that’s not even the best part. For each purchase made via your app, you’ll earn a commission! This additional stream of income can contribute significantly to your revenue model. This allows you to monetize your app beyond traditional advertising or subscriptions.

Note: In order to activate this feature, you must have an iTunes Affiliate Account.

Monetizing your radio mobile app through the iTunes Purchase Button is a win-win situation. On one hand, it provides a seamless and user-friendly experience for your listeners. On the other hand, it creates a sustainable revenue stream for your radio station, ensuring that your app remains financially viable and rewarding your efforts in content creation and user engagement.

Improve customer experience

Activating the iTunes Purchase Button in your radio mobile app not only enriches your users’ experience but also presents a lucrative income stream through commissions earned from each purchase. By exploring various monetization options, you can further solidify your app’s financial sustainability. You can also create a thriving platform that delivers exceptional content and services to your valued listeners.

7/ RSS feeds

RSS feeds offer a powerful and efficient way to seamlessly transfer content from your website to your radio mobile app. Whether you have module, news updates, or any other content on your website, integrating an RSS Feed is important. It ensures that this content is automatically synced and made available to your mobile audience.

Enhance user experience

For example, if you have a podcasts module on your radio website, simply add the RSS Feed to your radio mobile app to make the content available on mobile. This convenient access enhances user experience and encourages more frequent engagement with your content.

By leveraging RSS feeds, you save considerable time and effort in manually updating your app’s content. As soon as you publish new content, the RSS feed mechanism ensures that it is reflected in your app. This automation not only streamlines content management but also guarantees that your mobile app stays up-to-date with the latest information, creating a dynamic and engaging user experience.

Gain visibility

Furthermore, integrating RSS feeds can significantly boost the visibility of your content. When users find valuable, regularly updated content within your app, they are more likely to return. Their frequent returns increase your overall user retention rates. Moreover, having fresh content available on your app contributes to higher search engine rankings.

8/ Audio shout outs & written dedications

Letting your audience have their say is an important part of managing a radio station. Audio shout-outs allow your listeners to send you a vocal message of up to 30 seconds! Whether it’s part of a radio contest, or just a fun shout-out to someone they know, it’s a great way to get your audience to participate.

Engage your listeners with audio shout-outs

By encouraging audio shout-outs, you foster a deeper connection with your audience. With that, they feel heard, valued, and involved in the station’s activities. Engaging with your listeners in this manner enhances their overall experience and loyalty to your station, as they become more than just passive listeners but active contributors to the content and atmosphere of your broadcasts.

Note: Please bear in mind that in order to have access to audio shout-outs, you must have a Pro or Business Radio Subscription. This feature is currently available on Android, and is coming soon to iOS.

Incorporate written dedications

In addition to audio shout-outs, written dedications are another way your listeners can express their feelings. This option is available if you have a RadioKing website. By enabling listeners to send written dedications through your app, you provide an alternative method for those who prefer writing over vocal messages. This inclusivity ensures that all members of your audience can actively participate and share their sentiments.

9/ Alarm clock

The alarm clock feature adds a delightful and practical touch to your radio mobile app, catering to your listeners’ morning routines and enhancing their overall app experience. By allowing your fans to set an alarm, you offer them the opportunity to wake up to your station. This will help them start their day on a positive and uplifting note.

Be a part of your listeners’ daily lives

This feature not only serves as an alarm clock but also reinforces your radio station as a part of your listeners’ daily lives. By being the first thing they hear in the morning, your station becomes a comforting presence. So make sure you set a positive tone for the rest of their day.

Moreover, the alarm clock feature creates another touchpoint for engagement with your audience. As users set their alarms, they interact with your app and become more invested in your station. This increased engagement strengthens the connection between your audience and your radio station, encouraging higher app usage and brand loyalty.

Attract new listeners

Additionally, incorporating the alarm clock feature is a strategic move to extend your station’s reach beyond regular listening hours. By becoming an integral part of your listeners’ morning routines, you maximize the opportunities for your station to be discovered by new audiences.

10/ Customizable tabs

We also wanted to make sure that you have as much freedom as possible when it comes to designing your app. That’s why we’ve also created a HTML Tab that allows you to create your own customized tab from scratch!

The HTML Tab offers unparalleled flexibility, enabling you to create a unique and personalized user experience for your audience. You can unleash your creativity by designing interactive elements, incorporating multimedia content, and implementing custom functionalities. You should also make sure anything you design is aligned perfectly with your station’s brand and vision.

Furthermore, the HTML Tab facilitates seamless integration with other platforms or external services. You can embed social media feeds, integrate e-commerce functionalities, or connect with third-party APIs, enhancing your app’s capabilities and enriching your users’ experience.


radio app apple watch

Let’s finish this article with a bonus feature: our Business Mobile App Offer includes the publication of your app on Android Auto, Android TV, Apple TV & Apple Watch.

Making your mobile app available on as many platforms as possible will help you reach a wider audience and develop your community. It also facilitates access to your radio station which, in turn, should also help increase your listenership.

Now that you’ve seen the 10 essential features for your radio mobile app, it’s time to create your own! You can test our online app simulator for free in order to get an idea of what your mobile app will look like.