After talking about the best low budget headphones in our last article, we’re moving onto our selection of audio mixers. If you’re looking to purchase a mixing desk/ mixing tables/ mixing console for your radio station, keep reading!

Audio Mixers with 2 Microphone inputs

These audio mixers include 2 microphone inputs, meaning that you can plug two XLR mics in at the same time. They are great as a first mixing desk, especially if you mostly broadcast alone or with 1 other guest/host.

Behringer Xenyx Q802USB: $70

This mixer is great for podcasting or your home radio studio. It’s one of the most fully-featured mixers available at this price point.

It has 2 XLR mic inputs which is great if you’re planning on inviting a guest to be a part of your radio show! Plus, if you’re using a condenser microphone, it has a phantom power button (+48V) to give it the power it needs. However, be aware that phantom power is applied to both XLR inputs, so we invite you to check that both of your mics are condenser type.

The preamps for the XLR channels go up to 60Db which provides a lot of gain to push most mics. Not only do you get the level that you want, but the audio is super clean. Furthermore, the mixer itself doesn’t add much sound even when you turn it up to full capacity.

It has a USB connection which makes it extremely simple to set up, with a simple plug-and-play method. Furthermore, there’s a single knob compression which is perfect for live streaming as you don’t need to fiddle around with multiple knobs. You can also control the volume of your headphone output directly. The mixer also includes a 3-band EQ that allows you to easily make adjustments to your lows, mediums and highs.


– Number of Input Channels: 8
– Number Of Microphone Inputs: 2
– Amount of Lines In (Mono/Stereo): 2/2 Number Of Aux Send/Return: 1
– Phantom power: Yes
– Tone Control: Yes
– Audiointerface: USB
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Yamaha AG06: $151

Yamaha AG06

At first glance the AG06 looks like a standard analogue mixer. However, as you dive into the features, you’ll notice that it functions more as an audio interface with additional mixing and monitoring capabilities.

This mixer is a great choice for radio hosts and podcasters. The loopback function allows for simultaneous recording of inputs, along with playback of audio sources, that can all be summed to your broadcasting/ recording software.

Both channels 1 and 2 have XLR & 1/4” TRS connectivity, meant for instruments and microphones. Phantom power (+48V), EQ and compression can be added to channel 1, as well as a reverb effect. Channel 2 has a switchable amp simulator and a reverb effect too, however phantom power is only available for channel 1.

Plus, this model is compatible with 2nd generation and later iPads!


– Recording / Playback Channels: 2/2
– Number Of Microphone Inputs: 2
– Number of Lines Inputs: 6
– Number Of Line Outs: 4
– Phantom power: Yes
– Tone Control: Yes
– USB Bus-Powered: Yes
– Footswitch connector: Yes
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Audio Mixers with 4 Microphone inputs

If you’re planning on broadcasting live or recording with at least 4 people, then you’ll need a mixer with 4 microphone inputs.

Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX: $147

So there’s a total of 8 line inputs on this mixing desk. You’ll see 4 XLR mic inputs which will allow you to have multiple guests broadcasting at the same time.

Again, this is a USB mixer which means that it plugs straight into your computer! If you don’t see a phantom power (+48V) switch, that’s because it’s at the back of the mixer next to the “on/off” button.

There’s a low cut filter on all XLR channels, and channel 2 has the option of recording passive instruments directly, using a guitar button that acts as a DI switch. Plus, there’s are main and headphone outputs with independent volume controls. There are 9 integrated effects on this mixer such as: flange, room, bypass, delay etc…which are particularly useful when it comes to broadcasting live.

You’ll find a 3-Band EQ with semi-parametric mids for channels 1 and 2. There is also a 3-Band EQ for channels 3 and 4, whereas channels 5 – 8 have a 2-Band EQ.


-Recording / Playback Channels: 2/2
– Number Of Microphone Inputs: 4
– Number of Line Inputs: 8
– Number Of Line Outs: 2
– Phantom power: Yes
– 3-Band EQ with semi-parametric mids: Channels 1 and 2
– 3-Band EQ: channels 3 and 4
– 2-Band EQ: channels 5 – 8
Purchase the Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX

Audio Mixers with 6 Microphone inputs

For those of you searching for a more advanced audio mixer, we present to you the xmix 1202 FX USB.

The t.mix xmix 1202 FX USB: $141

the t.mix xmix 1202 FXMP USB

The xmix 1202 FXMP USB is a 12 channel mixer that also includes a media player. 

When is comes to playing tracks with this mixer, you have the choice between using USB, the SDcard or even bluetooth!

With the 6XLR or the jack inputs, 2 additional stereo line inputs, phantom power and the 3 band tone control, the possibilities with this mixer are endless. Especially as this model has a great integrated sound effect section.

The xmix 1202 FXMP USB is extremely versatile, whatever your needs are (band, studio recording, podcasting, radio broadcasting…) The mixer includes master output via 2x XLR & 2x 6.3 mm jack and even has a footswitch connection for FX on/off. There is a separately adjustable headphone output too.

Needless to say the quality is very impressive for this price point. It would be difficult to find better for this amount of inputs and integrated features.


– Parallel usable Channels: 8
– Number Of Microphone Inputs: 6
– Number of Stereo Ins: 2
– Master Out: XLR
– USB Play: Yes
– Bluetooth Play: Yes
– Phantom power: Yes
– 3 Band equalisation and balance: Yes
– Footswitch connection for FW on/off: Yes

Purchase the t.mix xmix 1202 FX USB

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