Radio Player

Broadcast your radio station on a fantastic powerful player!

Radio Player is the tool that directly connects your listeners with your web radio - essential, Yes, so not to be taken lightly! In addition to interactive features like purchasing through iTunes and sharing on social networks, Pro Radio Player also gives you more exposure on Facebook. This allows your listeners to publish your radio station on their wall along with a mini-player that plays your stream. Plus you can even enhance the Facebook page for your radio station by adding a new tab that contains your Radio Player!

Creating the Player and embedding it on your site is super simple, just copy and paste!

Integrate your player on Facebook

Pro Radio Player gives you two ways to incorporate your radio station on Facebook:

Share on the Facebook walls of your listeners
Your listeners will be able to share your radio station directly on their own wall with a player that allows their friends to listen to your stream programming.

Embed on a Facebook page
Today, most radio stations have a Facebook page, but very few have their Radio Player embedded in a page tab. Thanks to the Pro Player, you can invite your listeners to tune in to your radio station from your Facebook page. See an example here.

See our Radio Player offers

We offer three Radio Player solutions The Simple option lets you use a fantastic radio player free of charge. The Pro Player option opens up a wider array of features and is available as a lifetime license or a pay-as-you-go annual license.

  • Compatible with ShoutCast, Icecast & Radionomy
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy to embed with copy-paste
  • iTunes purchase button
  • Share current track
  • Special button to share on Facebook
  • Automatic cover display
  • Automatic track retrieval
  • Player opens in pop-up window
  • Embed on a Facebook page
  • Ad-free
  • Mobile compatible (iPhone & Android)
  • No renewal
  • One-time payment


Free Forever

  • Choose from five themes


$359 for life

  • Customizable