So you’ve launched (or are planning on launching) your very own online radio station, but before you can really get started you need more information on the different ways you can share your radio station.

Well, you’ve come to the right place!

In this article we’ll be showing you the various different ways that you can share your radio station with your listeners.

Radio player

All of our Radio Offers include a free radio player! Head over to Widgets > Player in your Radio Manager to customize your radio player (colour, size, orientation, buttons…)

Once your player has been customized, you can easily embed it onto a website or blog by copying & pasting the generated code:

Radio Page

You will have the option to appear on RadioKing’s listening platform. If you activate this option (under Settings > Visibility) you will have your own dedicated Radio Page on our platform.

You can link your Radio Page to your Facebook and Twitter accounts, so that the content from your social media profiles is automatically posted onto your page.

It’s also a great way for you to interact with your listeners as they can leave comments!

RadioKing Listening App

The RadioKing listening app is free to download on iOS and Android. It regroups the radio stations hosted by RadioKing (if this option is enabled under Settings > RadioKing Platform in your Radio Manager.)

Your listeners will be able to listen to your radio station and even add it to their favourites in order to easily find it whenever they open the app!

Listening Link

When you create your radio station, we will also provide you with a listening link (also called the default link). You’ll find your link under the widgets section of your Radio Manager.

This is the link to the audio stream of your radio station, put simply, people will be able to listen to your radio via this link.

If you do not want to share the link to your Radio Page, you can simply share your listening link with your listeners! Here are some ideas:

  • include your link in the description areas of your social media profiles
  • post your link regularly on your social media profiles
  • include your link in your email signature or newsletter

You can also use this link to build your own web player!

Facebook player

Do you have a Facebook Page for your online radio station? Well, if you have more than 2 000 likes on your page then you will have the possibility of integrating a radio player directly onto your page!

This means that people will be able to listen to your radio station via your Facebook page!

Online directories

What is an online directory? To put it simply, it’s an online catalogue that regroups thousands of online radio stations.

Some directories are even accessible via Android TV, meaning that your listeners will be able to listen to you from their TV, or even on their connected speakers.

Being present on online directories is a great way to make your radio station visible and accessible to hundreds of thousands of people!

You can find a list of online directories here.

Top Tip: Don’t forget that by creating a website , mobile application or Alexa Skill for your radio station, you enable easy listening access for your listeners and improve your visibility!

Create your radio and share it today!
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