Broadcast live like a Pro with Mixxx

Mixxx is an essential live broadcasting software that will allow you to easily go live on your radio station.

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Take your first steps with Mixxx

Mixxx has the particularity of being a very customizable software, with a complete selection of features.

Learn how to configure Mixxx and take a tour of the software.

The perfect tool for your Online Radio Station

In addition to being free, Mixxx allows you to customise the interface so that it best suits your needs.

The interface also allows you to hide or display certain areas, giving you the best visibility of your elements.

Whether you want to broadcast music or speak live on air, you can easily broadcast like a professional from the comfort of your own home with Mixxx.

Speak live on air

Mixxx offers 4 inputs for your microphones and other devices. Start speaking live on your radio station with one simple click!

Broadcast music live

Broadcast your songs automatically with the Auto DJ feature by creating playlists or adding your tracks to the queue.

Record your live broadcasts

Want to record your live broadcast? Simply activate the live recording feature!

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