As a radio broadcaster, it’s important to choose a radio topic that you are passionate about in order to create good quality content and keep your listeners coming back for more. In reality, you can create a radio station that focuses pretty much any topic! We’ve broken down 25 ideas that may help inspire you.


The first category we’ll be looking at is “lifestyle”. These topics are quite general and will reach a large target audience.

1/ Food

Food is a universal subject that touches everyone in the world, which makes it a great radio topic! There are numerous angles that you could choose for your show, such as: sharing recipes, reviewing dishes, recommending restaurants, veganism, cooking tips, equipment reviews… the list really does go on!

2/ Health

Physical and mental health have become a huge priority over the past few years. Many people are affected by physical or mental health issues, and it can still be a rather sensitive subject. Why not create a safe space on your radio station by providing a radio show about health? You could give your listeners the option of calling in to share their experience or invite experts to join you in sharing advice.

3/ Travel

Do you love travelling? Share your experience with other globetrotters, or those who are looking for inspiration for their next getaway! Tell people all about your experiences, share your recommendations and any tips you may have. Again, this can be a great radio topic to involve your listeners and invite special guests.


4/ Education

For those of you who have a passion for learning or teaching, starting an educational radio show could be the answer. Whether you have a specific area of expertise that you’d like to share with the world, or if you want to learn more about a subject thanks to experts, you could help thousands of people educate themselves on something new.

5/ Hobbies

Everyone has a hobby (or even several hobbies). One thing you can be sure of is that other people in the world share the same passion as you! Do you love skiing, fishing, baking, painting….? Talk about your experience, give reviews on equipment or organise events with your listeners, these are just a few ways to build a strong community through a radio show.

6/ Advice

The last suggestion of this category is very general: advice. This type of radio topic is based on listener participation. Collect questions or problems from your audience and respond to them (anonymously) on your radio show. You can also have listeners participate by giving advice themselves, or sharing their experience in a similar situation!


Culture is a broad topic that encompasses a wide range of subjects from art to social habits.

7/ Music

It’s a radio station, so it would make complete sense to create a show around music. The idea here isn’t just to broadcast music, but to talk about it too. Give your opinion on latest releases or live performances for example. Tell your listeners about the artists they’re listening to, or the meaning of the song that just played.

8/ Literature

Whether you dedicate your show to reading poetry, plays and books, or rather dive into the life of the author behind these works, you’ll have plenty to talk about! Recommend works to your listeners, and even have them participate in reviewing them. You could even mirror the “music top charts” with a “literature top charts” version!

9/ Gaming

You could reach a great number of potential listeners by starting a radio show around the theme of gaming. Keep your listeners up to date on latest (or upcoming) releases. You can also give your opinion and review games, helping your listeners decide if they want to play or not. You could also organise online gaming events with your listeners!


10/ Movies & TV series

Are you team movie, team TV series, or both? Why not create a dedicated radio show to your favourite films and series? Give your opinion, tell your listeners about new releases, zoom in on certain actors or directors… again, the possibilities are endless.

Be sure to warn your listeners of any spoilers coming up!

11/ Events

Are you a local radio station? Become the go-to source for upcoming events in your area! You could even offer special deals for tickets if you are able to obtain the right sponsorships.

12/ History

If one of your passions in life is History, know that you are not alone! Dive into the past with your listeners and bring it back to life through your radio show. Whether you focus on a specific country, a specific person, or a specific event, there’s plenty of content to go through.


News is an essential part of radio, regardless of the topic at hand. People love to know what’s going on!

13/ Local, National and International news

Keep your listeners updated on local, national or international news on your radio show! Remember that this type of radio topic should be factual and unbiased. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to be 100% serious all the time! For example, you could let your listeners know about funny days and unusual holidays that are celebrated daily around the world.

14/ Sports

Football? Baseball? Basketball? Whatever the sport, you can be sure that there’s a whole world of potential listeners out there for your radio show. Recap games and matches for your listeners, interview players, offer tickets in your giveaways…There are so many ways for you to create content around the sport (or sportsman/woman) that you love!


15/ Business

“Business” in itself is a rather large topic, but that simply means that there’s a vast amount of content that can be created! Speak about a particular industry, concepts, selected companies, the economy in general, a specific country etc…There’s a huge amount of potential for this topic, the sky is the limit!

16/ Politics

This radio topic should be handled with care. Of course, you can give your opinion to help differentiate your show from others, however it’s important to prepare what you say in order to avoid offending anyone. You may want to choose an angle where you simplify current political situations for people who have a hard time understanding what’s going on.

17/ Technology

If you’re a tech wizard, you may want to consider starting a radio show on the topic! Whether you’re passionate about cyber security, artificial intelligence or big data, there’s a lot to be said. Reviewing software or gadgets could also make an interesting radio show. Here again, you may want to contact potential sponsors/partners to help boost your radio project.

18/ Celebrity news

Everyone loves a bit of gossip! Keep you listeners up to date with the latest celebrity news. Who was nominated for a Grammy? Who’s dating who? Any current drama going on? Give us all the details!


Just in case you didn’t find any inspiration in the subjects listed above, here are a few more…

19/ Animals

Now, this idea can be interpreted several ways…You can create a radio show about animals, discussing their features, capabilities, origins etc. Or, you can create a radio show for animals. Many people like to leave the TV or radio on for their cats/dogs while they aren’t home. It has been proven to help calm certain pets!

20/ Beauty & Fashion

Beauty and fashion covers a wide range of categories such as: clothes, accessories, hair, makeup, home decor… You could talk about influential people in the industry, events taking place, top tips on shopping on a budget, let your imagination run wild! You could also talk about the damaging sides of the industry that impose extremely high beauty standards.

21/ True crime

True crime stories have a mysterious way of pulling people in! Dive into cases from all around the world, or focus on local stories. Was the case solved? If not, you can share your own theories or get your listeners to share theirs.

22/ Languages

Help people learn a new language through a dedicated radio show! If you speak multiple languages, you could dedicate certain days of the week for each one. Teach your listeners new vocabulary, provide exercises for them to practice pronunciation etc… You can follow up by providing written exercises on your website for example!

23/ Product reviews

Giving your opinion on products can also be extremely helpful to a lot of people! For example, if you’re passionate about radio/audio, you could review headphones and microphones. Give your listeners your detailed opinion from packaging, to pricing, to features, they want to know it all!

It could also be a great opportunity for you to create sponsorship deals and have people send you their equipment to test out.

24/ ASMR

Provide your listeners with a peaceful, relaxing experience through an ASMR radio show. As a radio host, you probably already have the most essential piece of equipment: a microphone. You could broadcast different types of ASMR throughout the day, starting softly and gradually evolving. Or you could specialise in a specific type of ASMR such as: whispering, tapping different surfaces etc…

25/ Radio game show

Game shows are the ultimate way to involve your listeners in your radio project! Put your audience in the spotlight by preparing quizzes/contests and get your listeners to play for prizes. It’s a great way to build a loyal community and reward your fans for their listenership.


Now that you’ve chosen a topic for your radio show, it’s time to start preparing! Here are 3 essential steps that you should check off your list before you start broadcasting.

Research your radio topic

The first step is obvious, and shouldn’t be neglected: research your topic thoroughly! If you’re going to be giving people information on a certain subject, then you need to know what you’re talking about in order to be taken seriously. Furthermore, properly preparing your shows will allow you to:

  • Be more spontaneous (and relaxed!)
  • Avoid silences on air
  • Bounce back off your guests or callers
  • Easily answer any follow-up questions

What do your listeners want?

In order to make your radio show interesting and attract new listeners, you need to put yourself in their shoes. Ask yourself what they want to know about your chosen subject. How can you include them in your radio show? What tone will you use when you’re on air? The more you can relate to your audience, the easier it will be for you to prepare content (and have fun!)

Contact experts on the topic

Inviting experts on your radio show to dig deeper into your chosen topic is a great way to professionalize your station. By exchanging with experts, you also show your audience that you’re dedicated to giving them authentic facts and information.

We hope that this article has helped inspire you to find the perfect radio topic for you and your audience. Try and think of an original angle that could help make your radio station stand out from the crowd!

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