To broadcast your radio on the internet, a simple computer with a microphone is enough. But you might want to add some material,

to increase your broadcasting quality and professionalise your radio station.

Here are 5 categories of material that can be useful for improving your radio.


Headphones help you hear what’s happening on your radio better than with speakers. The quality is better and allows you to feel closer to the music.

But headphones also allow you to pre-listen to songs in order to merge them properly with the track being broadcasted.

When you are live, listening to your broadcast through headphones avoids the effect of Larsen, that is to say that your microphone broadcasts what it hears from your speakers and causes a double broadcast on your radio.

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You can broadcast from the built-in microphone on your computer, if you have one, however using an external microphone will allow you to have a better sound quality. 

The radio microphone, also called static microphone, only picks up sound in one direction and greatly reduces external noise as well as the echo effect, which makes it possible to have an impeccable sound quality. Its sensitivity is high, you do not need to raise the tone to be heard on your radio and it allows a faithful reproduction of sounds.micro

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Microphone Boom Stand

The main function of a boom stand is to hold, as the name suggests, the microphone.

Static microphones are quite fragile, it is better to avoid touching it, so the stand serves to move your microphone without problems. It also allows you to adjust the height and position of your microphone, to what is best for you.

The boom stand holds the microphone, so your hand are free to adjust your settings etc.

perche micro

Mixing Table

The mixing table, also used in FM radio, brings a lot of advantages for the broadcasting of your radio.

It allows you to group all inputs to a single output and independently adjust the level of each input. You can add microphones, headphones and also a computer. The number of entries possible will depend on the size of your mixer.

Being able to connect several microphones allows you to broadcast with multiple people. You can also involve your listeners live by connecting a telephone.

table de mixage

It’s difficult to reference material, because everything will depend on your expectations and your radio. For example, the mixing console will be chosen based on the number of inputs you need.

There are different websites offering specialised equipment for radios, here is a small non-exhaustive list:

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