Have you recently embarked on the radio adventure? You probably want to make sure that the content you offer has the best possible audio quality. This week we’re sharing 6 ways to improve the audio quality of your online radio station.

1. Make sure that your Radio Subscription offers the best quality

When you’re new to the radio world, you don’t necessarily have a loyal audience yet. It may be a good idea to start with the most basic radio package.

However, once you’ve found the concept for your radio, learned all the basics and created playlists that will appeal to your listeners, it’s time to take it to the next level and broadcast in HD. With our Pro or Business Radio offers, broadcast in 192 kbps or 320 kbps for the greatest pleasure of your listeners! Our offers also allow you to take advantage of a low speed AAC+ stream (your choice between 32/64 Kbps) for better broadcasting on mobile phones.

2. Normalize your MP3 files

Normalization plays an important role when it comes to the audio quality of your radio station. Whether we are talking about peak or volume normalization, it’s important to process your files so that they are the most enjoyable to listen to.

It would be unfortunate if your listeners had to increase or decrease the sound of their device as soon as the music changes, or if there are blanks between tracks.

3. Import your files in HD or HD+

Have you chosen a Radio offer that allows you to broadcast in HD/HD+? Don’t forget that the imported files have to match this broadcasting quality. If your files are not imported in the best quality and your stream is configured in 320 kbps, it will not improve their quality. Our Radio Manager is very handy, but it’s not magic yet!

Top Tip: We invite you to download your files in 320 kbps on one of the recommended platforms! That way, even if you have a Pro Radio Offer, your music will already be in 320 kbps if you decide to upgrade!

4. Edit the mix points of your tracks

Editing mix points is super handy when it comes to making sure that your transitions apply perfectly and your broadcast is not interrupted.

Here at RadioKing, we know that editing individual mix points is easy, but can quickly become tedious. That’s why our Radio Manager gives you the possibility to automatically calculate the mix points of your tracks!

Test the Radio Manager for free!

5. Take care of your scheduling

The scheduling of your radio station needs to be coherent to make your listeners want to listen regularly. If they listen to your radio, it’s because they like your style and find it professional.

It’s therefore important to make sure that your breaks do not interrupt your songs or radio shows, and that your programs have a good rotation.

6. Choose a good microphone for your live broadcasts and recordings

If you broadcast live or record your own broadcasts, it’s imperative that you have a good-quality microphone to give your listeners the best possible listening experience.

If you’re just starting your radio adventure, a good USB microphone will do the trick. Simply plug it into your computer and you’re good to go!

If you want to invest in more professional equipment, our list of the best XLR microphones should be of interest to you.

What are your top tips to make your radio more professional? Want to start your own radio station? Click on the button below!

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