Many countries are slowly starting to lift the lockdown measures that were instated as early as March 2020.  However, large public gatherings are still to be avoided in order to limit the risks of a potential new wave of cases. Unfortunately, this means that there probably won’t be any public celebrations for Word Music Day this year.

World Music Day is June 21st, and for the first time since its creation in 1982, there will be no celebrations in the streets of your city. You’re probably just as disappointed as we are… but why not make the best out of this situation by creating a radio station or organizing an event on your radio to celebrate this day online!

Organise a special live broadcast

Help your listeners celebrate World Music Day by organising a special live broadcast. This could be a great opportunity for you to connect with your listeners by putting them live on air and speaking with them directly for a virtual celebration!

Keep your live broadcast on-topic by asking your listeners to share their favourite World Music Day memory from past events. It could also be interesting to ask them how they think next year’s celebration will go!

If you’re lucky enough to know people in the music industry, it could also be a fantastic idea to interview them for this special occasion. You can discuss topics related to music, and even talk about their upcoming projects.

Broadcast your radio station live on Facebook or YouTube

To make this World Music Day unforgettable, why not offer exceptional video content for the occasion? It could be a real treat for your listeners to see the host of their favourite radio show, as well as what goes on behind the scenes!

Invite musicians to perform on your premises, film your show or organize an excursion through the streets of your city to capture some footage of artists performing informally!

There are 2 possibilities:

Don’t forget to let your listeners know beforehand that a live broadcast is coming up!

Bear in mind that Facebook and YouTube are very strict when it comes to copyright content. Therefore, we advise you to avoid using commercial music during your live broadcast.

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Get your listeners to submit song requests

World music day is about listening, sharing and discovering music. Get your listeners involved by asking them to send you their song requests before the big day so they can add their personal touch!

There are multiple ways that you can get your listeners to submit their requests, for example:

  • Social Media: Create a post on your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram pages asking your followers to comment their song requests.
  • Audio shout-outs: If you have a Pro or Business Radio Offer, you have access to the audio shout-out widget! Get your listeners to leave you an audio message with their song requests, as well as the reason behind this song choice! You can choose whether to keep these messages private, or broadcast them on your radio.
  • Newsletter: Let your listeners know that they can send you their song requests before June 21st via your newsletter! (If you have a contact email address for your radio, they can use it to send their tunes.)

Top Tip: Be sure to give your listeners the date and time of your broadcast so that they can tune in and see if their song was selected!

Keep your listeners informed with push notifications

Do you have a mobile application for your radio station? In that case, be sure to use your push notifications! They’re perfect for keeping your listeners informed of upcoming contests, live broadcasts or other special events planned on your radio station for World Music Day.

For example: “Tune in at 6PM for our special Wold Music Day broadcast!”

Prepare a giveaway

Preparing a radio contest is another great way to bring your listeners together. Why not organise one to celebrate World Music Day with your audience!

There’s no need to splash your cash for the winning prize, why not offer your listeners the chance to join your radio team for a day! Get them to participate in the planning of your radio station and why not even do a live broadcast with them.

It’s a great opportunity for the fans of your radio station!

Let your listeners have their say

Thanks to the audio shout-out widget, available in our Pro & Business Radio Offers, your listeners can leave you a vocal message of up to 30 seconds. You can then broadcast these messages on your radio station in a few easy clicks!
Top Tip: You may want to propose a specific theme such as: your favourite World Music Day memory, your best concert experience, a funny anecdote etc…

Create your radio station today!

What are your ideas for celebrating World Music Day on your radio station? Let us know in the comments below! ?