Will radio be the future of corporate culture? Due to the health crisis, companies are adapting to new ways of working. Those who are able to work from home have being doing so and now more than ever before, corporate radio stations have found their place. Not only do they allow the creation of a real social link between employees, they are also a means of conveying company values.

Many companies have already made this choice by integrating radio into their internal communication strategy. Of course, it is not going to question the way of communicating internally. However, it can make your communication with your employees more attractive and interactive.

Every company that wishes to do so can nowadays create its own radio station to respond to an internal problem and offers significant advantages.

Nowadays, any company that wants to create a radio station can do so in a few easy clicks!

Work on the living environment of your employees

Corporate radio opens up a new channel for internal communication! Communication, yes, but on what occasions? Don’t hesitate to communicate during important events in the life of your company. Holidays, greetings or an employee’s birthday can be excellent reasons. These are always good opportunities to work on the general environment and unite your employees.

If your employees work from home, it is important to keep the spirit of the company alive, even from a distance. Invite them to add their favourite music, this will encourage them to listen to the radio more regularly. It will also allow them to discover their colleagues music tastes!

Keep your employees informed

Corporate radios are also a great way to inform your employees in real time about the latest news, opportunities or the implementation of a new service. Internal communication is no longer a one-way street, which is why your radio can be used by certain employees to share information within your company.

Some of your employees may even want to be part of this project and regularly host shows. In addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere, it will give them the opportunity to improve their communication skills.

Boost your employees

Corporate radio can also become an effective way to encourage your employees, whether in pursuit of a common goal or a challenge organised within your company.

According to several studies, it would even seem that the diffusion of certain genres of music promotes productivity, especially if your employees have repetitive tasks. The most important thing is to broadcast playful music, if possible, without words, to avoid creating distractions.

Motivate your employees

Corporate radio is proving to be the best solution to motivate your employees during busy periods. Not only will the radio be a support tool, but it will also allow your employees to relax a little in their workplace.

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Large companies and organizations use radios to communicate with their employees, why not you?