Are you looking for a way to create contact with your listeners? Starting a newsletter for your radio website could be a perfect solution for those of you who wish to install an ongoing relationship with your audience.

Whether you’re a local Radio station, a specialised Radio station, or just a station that loves to share music, keep your listeners up to date on a weekly or monthly basis! It’s not only a great way to create awareness for your station, but it’s also a punctual way to keep your listeners informed on what’s happening.

Need some inspiration? We’re now going to look at possible subjects that you could easily integrate into your newsletter.


  • Local News: If you’re a local radio, take the opportunity to inform your listeners of any local news. It could be a great way to create a sense of community.
  • Station News: Why not keep your listeners updated on any news concerning your Radio Station? This could be any type of news such as: upcoming live broadcasts, a new logo, a special playlist for the holidays…
  • Music News: Keep up with latest releases and share it with your radio community! Your newsletter will become a reference point for your listeners who want to know about any new music or album releases.
  • Industry news: This could be an interesting topic for all Radio fans. Let your audience know about any new equipment or broadcasting software for example.


Who doesn’t love the chance to win something? Creating contests for your newsletter is also a great way to involve your listeners with your Radio Station. At the end of the contest, take the time to individually thank people for participating, there’s a high chance they appreciate it and try their luck again next time!

Top tip: By asking specific questions about the newsletter on the entry form, you encourage people to scroll through and read it thoroughly.


You can also use your newsletter to invite or remind your audience about upcoming events. 

If your station is an Unassociated Radio Association, let your audience know about any upcoming meetings for example.

Share Expertises

You and your listeners share a common interest in the radio industry. This could be a great opportunity for you to share your expertises on the subject! Let your listeners know about the equipment you recommend, the software you prefer or even how you organise your radio station.

This is not only a great way to impose yourself as an expert in the industry, but also encourages radio fans to come back regularly in order to get new tips and advice.

Present your Team

Presenting your team is another way to create a stronger bond with your listeners. Let them know who is behind the radio station that they listen to! Present a different member in each newsletter, you can tell us about their music taste, hobbies, or even share a funny anecdote!

Share Listener Reviews

Collect a few customer reviews from the dedications module on your website and share them in your newsletter! Not only is this a great way to share positive reviews, but your listeners will also be happy to know that you appreciate their comments!

Top 10

Include a list of the Top 10 tracks voted on your website or your Radio Manager!

Top tip: Set up MailChimp to embed a newsletter on your Radio Website.

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