A good radio station does not only broadcast information. It penetrates into the daily lives of its listeners to share a common story.

Local radio is a community-based media and must be at the forefront of your listeners’ lives.

This week, we invite you to discover how to create a successful local radio station.

Set your radio territory

You must define the area of your local radio station in order not to talk about a territory other than the one you have set for yourself. This delimitation will ensure that you do not confuse your listeners. You can of course talk about national news, but focus especially on the news of your community.

Think of a unique and catchy name

Listeners must be able to understand that this is a local radio station. It will therefore be essential for your radio to rely on a local name, such as “Radio + Name of your city”, “Frequency + Name of the area”, etc.

Example: Siesta Key Radio WSKR

Create a local information website

All local radio stations are equipped with a website. It allows the station to inform its listeners about current events, to highlight media personalities (a craftsman, a politician, a local star) or to share more visual information.

The more your Radio Site is updated, the more your radio’s notoriety will increase. Indeed, it is thanks to your website that you will mainly generate audience.

Create your Radio Website

Form a field team

Recruit a few freelancers in the field who will help you capture the latest news to broadcast on your local radio. You can also contact your local community to explain your project. Partnering with local newspapers can also be a good field strategy to get the news out to you.

Meet your listeners

Being close to your listeners is the ideal solution to build audience loyalty. We invite you to meet the listeners in your city or region. Ask them about their daily lives, desires and fears. The more you involve your audience, the more faithful they will be and the more they will talk about it around them.

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