Whether a radio presenter’s voice is deep or high-pitched it plays an essential part in how successful the program is. Unlike television, or videos on the net, your voice is not interacting with an image. So, it’s essential that you work on your voice’s tone, and rhythm, and your elocution.

Today we are going to give you some advice on how to work on and improve your voice for your radio!



Be careful of your posture!

All radio presenters will tell you that posture is the key to a good voice. Whether you are sitting or standing behind your mike, you must keep your back straight.
It’s also very important to relax your muscles and be at ease to get the best possible tone in your voice.


Make your voice better!

It also very simple to work on your voice. We recommend that you use an exercise that is well-known to TV and radio presenters to help you articulate more clearly.

EXERCISE: Put a pen or cork between your teeth, and begin reading your text, articulating deliberately so that you can be clearly understood.

You can also ask a friend or colleague to help you find a natural tone of voice. It’s also essential to smile and be dynamic during your broadcast because people can hear it in the tone of your voice.


Prepare your scripts!

Whatever type of program you are doing, you know that it needs to be well-prepared if you are going to broadcast live.
For example, during an interview the questions are usually prepared down to the smallest detail. If you want to improve your rhythm and elocution, we recommend you use short sentences which will leave you some room for improvisation.
Improvisation will give you a more fluid and natural sounding voice, and allow you to avoid hesitations or just reading out a text.


Take care of your voice!

As you know, the voice is an instrument which is affected by your lifestyle. Just like a top sports person or actor, you should limit your consumption of alcohol or tobacco.
They aren’t banned – but you should limit them because they affect your voice.


So there you are!

We hope this article has shown you some different ways to work on your voice and make it better.
If you have any advice or ideas to share with the Radio King community why not let us know?