This week, to celebrate World Radio Day, we decided to explain how you can participate in this unique event, which has been organized by UNESCO. Now or never—this is your chance to proclaim your love for this historic medium and share your passion with listeners.


World Radio Day is celebrated on February 13th. This day was chosen by UNESCO during its 36th session.

The day allows this method of communication to move forward, at low cost. It is especially designed to reach isolated communities and vulnerable people (e.g. the illiterate, handicapped people, women, youths, poor people) and gives everyone, regardless of their level of education, the possibility of participating in a public debate.

Radio also plays a central role in emergency communications systems and in the coordination of emergency services following a disaster. In a time when all kinds of media converge, radio services are evolving and adopting new forms with digital technology (e.g. broadband, cell phones, tablets).

However, there appear to be nearly one million people who still do not have access to radio.

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Whether you are organizing an event or special programming this Saturday, make it known alongside UNESCO. This World Radio Day is an opportunity to explore important subjects, such as political conflicts, natural disasters, and climate change. It is particularly important on this day to highlight the impact that radio has in emergency situations and disasters that occur each day throughout the world.

Once you are registered on the event’s website, your radio will be pinpointed on a world map created especially for this event.


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