We are always curious about the future development of the radio. That is why it was important for us to meet 120 speakers during 55 sessions and 60 exhibitors from all over the world on the Radiodays Europe conference where they were share the innovative ideas and discussed the future of the radio.

EntrepriseThis year, Radiodays Europe took place in Paris, France 13-15 March 2016 at Le Palais des Congrès de Paris. Whereas Radio King took a chance to present our passion to the radios and share an innovative approach to the development of the radio station with our digital services.

This is a new level for Radio King and a great opportunity to spread good ideas and to make better radio.


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Back to the important questions during the sessions

We had an opportunity to meet Helen Boaden and Cilla Benko.  They presented to us their visions for radio’s future whereas radio is increasingly using alternative platforms to reach audiences and develop its offer to stay relevant.


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Helen Boaden – Director of BBC Radio and BBC England, UK  / Cilla Benkö – DG, Swedish Radio, SE

Photo by Conor McCabe

Other radio leaders worldwide also finding the mobile – a giant leap forward. Wanna be modern – take a chance to try free version of Mobile App in our web site!

Inspired by wide range of discussed topics we found interesting to propose in a short time an article about interaction with your listeners via social networks (Facebook/Twitter and etc.) and give an ideas how to create a right message. Keep following our news.


 Let’s meet up ?

Also, we would like to thanks all speakers and participants for such a great experience and we are looking forward to see you during the next world´s greatest international radio conference which will take place next year in Amsterdam 19 – 21 March 2017