It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that in just a couple of days, it’s Halloween!

Why not make the most of this by attracting your listeners for the occasion? A couple of ideas, eye of newt, toe of frog and you’re done. Here’s how to prepare a particularly wicked evening for your listeners on your radio station.

Transform your radio station

  • Change the look of your radio station for a day. Add a bat or spider to your usual logo without forgetting the cover photo of your radio page and that of your social networks. You’ll surprise your listeners whilst letting them know that a special event is boiling in the cauldron.

  • You can also give your Radio Website a darker look with just a few clicks thanks to the online design editor. Change the background of your site to black with the color code #0c0b0b or orange (#f38d0b) for example.
  • It would be a shame to leave out your Mobile App as it’s just as quick and easy to modify via the Mobile Manager. To do this, head over to Edit and have fun choosing your terrifying colors in the Design field. Once saved, the changes will automatically be taken into account when your listeners next open your app.

Top Tip: Inform your listeners that a surprise is coming up using your Push Notifications. Once alerted, they won’t be able to resist the urge to start tuning into your radio station! ?

And as we’re awfully nice, we’ve prepared a little halloween kit to decorate your radio station:

Download the Halloween Pack.

Create deadly content

  • Entertain your audience on Halloween night by organizing a special live session! For example, you might want to invite your listeners to post a picture of themsevles in their costumes via social networks. The winner might win a hand full of candy corn… or a spell.
  • Halloween isn’t Hallowen without the pranks, why not make your listeners believe that extraterrestrials have landed. Orson Welles managed to pull it off and it worked pretty well at the time. You could even invite your listeners to tell their most terrifying stories on air.

Top Tip: Put your listeners live on air using VoiceMeeter.

  • Finally, why not add a spooky jingle inbetween your tracks to get your listeners into the mood.

Top Tip: Easily schedule your jingles by creating breaks.

Broadcast a chilling playlist

What better way to create a terrifying atmosphere than to broadcast a specially created playlist. Here are some ideas for creating an atmosphere that is both festive and scary:

We wish you all a very happy Halloween!

Create your spooky radio station!

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