Privacy policy

We respect your privacy.

These are our guiding principles:

  • we only ask you for personal information that is strictly necessary (billing and legal information);
  • your personal information is never disclosed or sold, except in the case of a legal injunction;
  • the information we store on our servers is limited to the information needed for the purposes described above;
  • we do not publish any of the information you supply, including on the sites you build with iCreo.

In accordance with article 34 of Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 ("Data Protection and Civil Liberties Act"), you have the right to view, edit, correct and delete your personal data. You can exercise this right at any time by contacting our help desk or writing to our corporate headquarters.

iCreo SAS ("iCreo") manages the and services and reserves the right to create other services. iCreo agrees to apply the same confidentiality policy to all these services.


Like most web sites, iCreo records generic, non-identifying data such as browser type, language preference, site of origin, and time and date of visit for statistical purposes and to make improvements to its service.

Furthermore, iCreo agrees not to store server logs beyond the minimum period required by law.

Visitors who comment on sites created on iCreo can be identified via their IP addresses (in accordance with legal requirements). However, they are anonymized after six months, in accordance with CNIL recommendations.

Personal data protection

The personal data you provide to us can only be accessed by members of the iCreo team.

Any external company that may have access to this data for technical reasons shall be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.


A cookie is a string of text data that the web site records on the visitor's computer and which the user's browser re-submits to the site for each page visited. iCreo uses cookies to recognize and follow visitors' paths, use of the service and site usage preferences. Visitors can decline the use of cookies by changing their browser settings; however, certain features will no longer be available to them.

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