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RadioKing acquisition project proposed by towerCast!

"This merger would make it possible to combine the respective expertise of both companies and, more broadly, of the NRJ group."

The future of radio is already here with RadioKing!

"After just a few years, a young start-up in Lille has established itself as the first platform to create and develop your radio station on the internet."

Booba has launched his internet radio station thanks to RadioKing!

"The start-up company RadioKing, based in France, has allowed the famous rapper to create his online radio station which is doing brilliantly."

RadioKing broadcasts your radio station on Android Auto!

"Today, RadioKing proposes to integrate your radio station into the connected car via Android Auto!"

RadioKing goes international!


"French-based company RadioKing has announced that it now offers its services to English-language markets."

RadioKing, the app to listen to hundreds of radio stations.

"Interview with Maxime Piquette, CEO of Radio King, who tells us everything about his mobile app."

Go behind the scenes of RadioKing thanks to this report put together by the Le Tube team. This report was broadcast on September 10, 2016 on Canal+.

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