Now that you have read our courses, your radio is working perfectly, you know how to broadcast live, but you’re still missing a key ingredient: listeners. What’s the best way to communicate in order to boost your audience and attract new listeners? Keep reading to find out.

At the end of this course, you will know how to:


Drapeau décoratifMake your Internet radio known known by being visible online

Effectively referencing your radio

In the merciless world of the Internet, SEO (search engine optimization) occupies a central place for all those who want to make themselves known. SEO consists in using methods to place your online radio or website in the first pages of search engines. This way your listeners will be able to find you easily and the more accessible you are, the more likely it is that your radio station will be listened to.

The easiest way to be well referenced is to create a website (or blog) on which your listeners can listen to your Internet radio station. From your website, you will be able to carry out a few small tricks in order to optimize its referencing.

First, you must choose a few keywords on which you want to position yourself. Be careful, don’t choose too many key words, and try and make them as specific as possible. For example, if you are a rap Internet radio station, it might be tempting to use the word RAP, but this won’t be very useful. Favour terms such as Urban, US Rap, etc….

TOP TIP: The more original the concept of your Internet radio station, the easier it will be to be well referenced.

Then, create content around your website, in addition to posting podcasts of your shows, write articles related to the style of your radio station and current events. Always remember to place keywords (the name of your radio, etc.).

You can also share your radio on partner websites. Contact websites that are close to your radio’s identity (blog, music site, etc.) and ask them to integrate your radio’s player. This will increase your visibility.

Register with online directories

Another way to reference your Internet radio station is to register it on online radio directories. There are many of them, but if you can get your radio on the most popular ones it will open the door to many other platforms. Being referenced on Deezer for example will allow your radio to be also available on Waze, the GPS application. Some directories, accessible from Android TV, will allow your listeners to listen to you from their TV, or even on their connected speakers. To be referenced, you usually need to fill in a form with your listening link and some additional information, then….. patience! You will need a lot of it, because some directories can take up to 6 months to include your radio in their catalog. 

Here is a list of the directories on which you must appear:

If your radio station is hosted by RadioKing, we automatically add it to Deezer for free! This good news means better visibility for your radio and an opening to thousands of new listeners. To appear on Deezer, your radio must meet the following conditions:

  1. Have a logo
  2. Have at least one genre
  3. Be switched on and broadcasting
  4. Appear on the RadioKing platform


This online directory proposes to discover radios worldwide by choosing the region of the world you want directly on the globe. Just for that reason, it’s worth sharing your radio. 

Register your radio on Radio Garden

Known all over the world, RadioLine will allow you to reach a very wide audience. 

Register your radio on RadioLine

 vTuner will allow you to be referenced on digital radios. Again, you’ll need to be patient to see your online radio appear on Samsung or Pioneer radio sets.

Register your radio on vTuner

Available on iOS and Android, this directory will allow your listeners to listen to you from their smartphones.

Register your radio on Streema



Promote your web radio via various means

In order to extend your visibility, do not hesitate to communicate about the launch of your radio. Write a press release and send it to your contacts. This will allow those around you to get to know your radio station and give it a professional dimension.

You can also leave messages and comments on forums and blogs that have the same theme as your radio. Remember to leave your radio’s website address, but be careful not to leave too many messages at the risk of being considered spam.

Finally, the last tip to help increase the visibility of your Internet radio station: integrate it into your email signature. This will allow you to advertise your radio every time you communicate with a person without even realising it.

Drapeau décoratifUse your network to expand your community

That’s it, you’re visible on the Internet, bravo! Now it’s all about interacting with your listeners to create a community.

Promote your Internet radio station in your area

Even if you’re not a local Internet radio station, we suggest that you talk about it around you. Feel free to distribute flyers and make posters. Go to group concerts that are musically similar to the style of your radio, you may find future listeners.

You can also talk about your radio station with local merchants or bars, perhaps they would be interested in broadcasting your radio in their establishment. In short, don’t forget real life, you may also find listeners there.

Create social media profiles for your Internet radio station

Nothing better than social networks to bring your listeners together, but on which networks should you position yourself? How can you use them to your advantage? You can’t improvise the job of a Community Manager, so here are some tips to manage your social networks like a pro.

  • Facebook

First of all, create a Facebook Page for your radio station, not a profile. Make a clear distinction between your profile and your radio page. Add your logo, your slogan and the links where you can be heard. Once your page has been created, invite your friends to “like” it.

How should I post? Always try to post relevant content, information about an event, new features on your radio, etc… Beware of spam! Do not post more than 2 statuses per day if you really have something to say.

  • Twitter

You may be less familiar with Twitter, but that’s no reason to neglect the blue bird, which will allow you to be responsive and post more often. You can even automatically post the tracks that are broadcast on your radio station!

Creating hashtags can also be a valuable asset, as you can create the hashtag for your radio to be more easily spotted. #radioemo

Using popular hashtags can also give you great visibility.

  • Instagram

This social network dedicated to photography can be a valuable ally when it comes to posting photos of your studio and behind the scenes. For example, you can make small videos before your live broadcast and post them as a story, these videos disappear after a few hours and give your followers the impression of being privileged as they will have access to exclusive content.

Also, don’t forget to interact with your listeners, answer their questions, in short, don’t just share content.

It is important to be present on several social networks because they do not attract the same type of people, so you can increase your target, but be careful: you don’t always communicate on Facebook as you do on Twitter. So don’t just copy/paste your content from one network to another, try and adapt it.

Note: On most of these social networks, you will also have the possibility to create sponsored content, i.e. to advertise. This action is not free, but it can bring you a lot of money!


Drapeau décoratifRetain your listeners and increase your audience

Now that your listeners are there, another part of the work begins: retention. An auditor is never fully acquired and if, as new listeners arrive, the old ones leave your audience will not grow. So here are some ways to keep your listeners hooked to your Internet radio station.

Renewing your radio station

So that your listeners don’t get bored listening to this Queen song for the 2300th time (even if we know that it’s impossible to get bored listening to Queen) you must regularly renew your programming. Add new features and consider removing titles that have been dragging on for too long.

Feel free to involve your listeners in your programming via social networks! This will make them want to stay tuned to your radio to find out if their title has been chosen. On the same principle if you have a website, regularly publish articles to show that you are there (there’s nothing less encouraging than arriving on a website and seeing that the last article was published 6 months ago). Offer your listeners regular news: podcasts, live videos, etc… These are elements that will make your listeners want to keep following you.

Create goodies

Who has ever said no to a gift? Goodies are small gifts in the name of your radio that you can distribute to your listeners. They have two main characteristics: to please your listeners and future listeners and to advertise your radio station. In the section of essential goodies, there are of course stickers. Cost-effective, because they are inexpensive to manufacture, they can be distributed and stuck everywhere for maximum visibility. In addition, you can easily send them by letter to your listeners on the other side of the globe at a low cost.

Creating stickers is not very complex since specialized websites will allow you to choose your sticker style (squares, rounded, etc.) and the image you want to print. You can decide to print your logo with the name of your radio. Simple and effective.

Where can you create your stickers? VistaPrint ou Camaloon.

You can also choose to invest in other more original goodies. You can then offer them as prizes when you organize contests on your radio station. Ask yourself what object will please your listeners. It’s a plus if it refers to the style of your Internet radio station, for example you could create guitar picks if you broadcast rock music, mugs if you’re used to broadcasting live in the morning, etc… Think of a useful object that can boost your visibility (a t-shirt with the name of your radio or a tote-bag will help to spread your image for example).

Organize meetings with your listeners

Finally, what better way to build a relationship with your listeners than a meeting organized by you? You can choose to sponsor an event such as a small concert, or simply privatize a bar for the occasion (some bars can book a room for you for free on request), this will be an opportunity to meet your listeners and talk with them.

You can organize activities related to your radio: blind test, karaoke and distribute goodies to the winners!

Top Tip: Thanks to Facebook’s “Create an event” feature, you can invite all your listeners with a few clicks.

You now have all the cards in hand to develop your Internet radio community and attract new listeners. All you have to do is get started!



  • Position yourself on keywords to improve your SEO.
  • Be present on social media. 
  • Increasing the number of your listeners takes time! Don’t be discouraged! 


We’ve reached the end of this second course, thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed this course and that it provided you with answers to your questions before starting your Internet radio station. You can now move on to the next course… So go ahead!

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