September is just around the corner, so it’s time to say goodbye to the summer holidays and head back to work/school. As the days get a bit cooler and the leaves start to change color, radio stations everywhere are getting ready for an exciting and busy month. Whether you’re an experienced radio pro or just starting out, September offers a bunch of new things to tackle in the world of broadcasting.

It’s the perfect time to refresh and renew your radio station. Today we’re giving you our top tips to help get your radio station ready for the new school year.

1. Update your media library with new titles and artists

Our first top tip for you is to go through your music library and update its content. Hang on, we’re not saying that you need to delete all of your current files and replace them!

Sorting by date added

In your Radio Manager, you can easily sort your tracks based on the date they were added. Simply click on “Added on” at the top of your library. This quick sorting trick will help you identify which tracks have been hanging around the longest. Consider replacing a few of these with newer music to keep your playlists exciting and up-to-date.

Seek inspiration

If you’re wondering what to add to your rotation, the RadioAcademy is a valuable resource. It’s packed with programming ideas, music trends, and tips from seasoned broadcasters. Following the link to the RadioAcademy can provide you with a wealth of inspiration for your programming. Keeping your station’s playlist diverse and current is essential. Consider exploring platforms and tools that help you discover emerging artists and fresh tunes. Introducing your audience to new music and artists can make your station more exciting and engaging.

By periodically refreshing your music library, you can ensure that your station stays vibrant and appealing to your audience. Remember, it’s all about finding the right balance between the classics your listeners love and introducing them to exciting new sounds.

Top Tip: Activate the “like button” on your radio player to allow your listeners to vote for their favourite tracks! This can be super helpful when it comes to understanding what your listeners want to hear.

2. Review your program schedule for September

Another key tip is to take a close look at the programs and shows you’ve put on air throughout the past year. Did any moments stand out when your audience engagement peaked? Use this valuable insight strategically to plan your upcoming content schedule and target the widest listenership.

Capitalize on peak moments

Analyze your broadcasting history to identify periods when your listenership spiked. These could be during special events, popular show segments, or certain times of the day. By pinpointing these peak moments, you can strategically schedule your high-impact content during hours when you’re likely to attract the most listeners. This not only boosts your overall reach but also keeps your audience engaged.

Adapt to post-holiday routines

As the summer holidays come to an end, many of your listeners will transition back to their regular work or school schedules. This means their listening habits might change in September. Be mindful of this shift and adjust your programming accordingly. For instance, consider avoiding scheduling your shows during the mid-afternoon slump around 3 PM when people might be busy or distracted. Instead, opt for times when your target audience is more likely to be at home and looking to relax.

Create a comfortable listening experience 

Since post-summer schedules can be a bit more structured, aim to provide a comfortable and enjoyable listening experience. Select time slots that align with your audience’s routines, making it easier for them to tune in without disrupting their day.

By strategically scheduling your content and adapting to your audience’s changing routines, you’ll be better positioned to capture their attention and keep them engaged during this transitional time of the year.

Top Tip: Use the statistics tab in your Radio Manager to get more information on your audience and their listening habits.

3. Redesign or create a new website for your radio station

Do you already have a radio website for your station? In that case, September is the perfect time to give it a “back to school makeover”. This will show your listeners that the summer holidays are over, and you’re back with new content for them!

Update visual elements

Transform the visual identity of your radio website to reflect the changing season. Swap out summer-themed images for autumn-inspired visuals that resonate with your audience’s senses. Utilize warm and cozy color schemes that evoke feelings of comfort and familiarity. Incorporate imagery such as falling leaves, cozy sweaters, and steaming mugs of hot drinks.

Visual consistency across your website creates an immersive experience for your visitors, signaling the arrival of a new season and fresh content. Remember, a well-thought-out visual update can leave a lasting impression and make your website more inviting and visually appealing.

Showcase new content

Engage your audience by offering a sneak peek into the exciting new content that will grace their ears in September. Create a dedicated section on your website that highlights upcoming shows, interviews, music releases, and any special features you’ve planned.

Alongside showcasing new content, take the opportunity to refresh your content categories. Reevaluate how your content is organized and consider introducing new categories that align with your station’s evolving focus.

Make sure your website’s navigation is intuitive, enabling visitors to easily discover and explore the variety of content you offer. This reorganization ensures that both loyal listeners and newcomers can quickly find what interests them, leading to increased engagement and a more satisfying user experience.

Top Tip: here are some essential widgets that you can easily embed onto your website.

4. Prepare contests to attract new listeners

One thing that listeners will never get enough of is the chance to win prizes! To welcome your listeners back in September, prepare a “back to school” contest!

Conceptualize an Irresistible Contest

Design a contest that’s not only fun and engaging but also ties into the back-to-school theme. So think carefully about the type of contest you want to organise, as well as the prize! A creative and relatable theme encourages more participation and captures the essence of the season. Keep your target audience in mind and craft a contest that resonates with their interests and experiences.

Selecting the right prizes is key to drawing participants. Think about prizes that align with your audience’s preferences and the theme of the contest. It could be anything from station merchandise and concert tickets to gadgets, books, or even gift cards for school supplies. To add an extra layer of excitement, consider offering multiple prizes for different levels, such as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. This encourages healthy competition and increases the chances of engagement from a variety of participants.

Promote your contest

Once your contest details are finalized, it’s time to spread the word. Utilize your radio station’s website  and on-air promotions to create buzz around the contest. Craft eye-catching graphics, teasers, and announcements that showcase the enticing prizes and capture the essence of the ‘back to school’ excitement. Encourage your existing listeners to participate and share the contest with their friends, thus amplifying its reach

Top Tip: don’t forget to announce your contests on social media in order to get the most participants possible! Plus, participants will need to tune in to your radio to see if they are the lucky winner!

5. Integrate new hosts

With the start of a new school year in September, why not add some new faces (or rather, new voices) to your radio station! Welcoming new hosts to your radio team will allow you to bring something new to your listeners.

Discover unique personalities 

Scour your local talent pool to find individuals with distinct personalities and perspectives. Seek out those who are passionate about music, storytelling, or the topics your station covers. New hosts can bring a unique flavor to your programming that resonates with different segments of your audience.

Bringing new voices on board creates a space for dynamic collaboration. Fresh perspectives often spark creativity, leading to the development of new show ideas, segments, or content formats. Encourage your existing team to collaborate with the newcomers, fostering an environment where ideas flow freely.

Cultivate new ideas

New hosts often come with a multitude of innovative ideas inspired by their distinct experiences. Encourage their active involvement in brainstorming sessions and content planning discussions. Their fresh insights can lead to exciting show formats, creative angles on familiar topics, and a revitalized energy that keeps your station’s content dynamic and engaging.

Introducing new hosts to your radio station’s team presents an exciting opportunity to infuse vitality and innovation into your programming. Embrace their perspectives, amplify their voices, and harness their enthusiasm to craft captivating broadcasts that resonate with both your loyal listeners and a growing audience.

Top Tip: With RadioKing, you can add as many DJs as you want to your radio station. You’ll even be able to manage their individual access rights. To find out more, follow this link.

6. Launch a Podcast in September

In the dynamic world of broadcasting, podcasts are emerging as a powerful companion to managing your online radio station. As their popularity continues to surge, integrating podcasts into your station’s offerings can create a winning combination. They can also go hand-in-hand with managing your own online radio station!

Complement daily routines

As the back-to-school season ushers in busier schedules starting September, many of your listeners might struggle to tune in live during their work or school hours. Offering podcasts as catch-up content ensures they won’t miss out on their favorite shows, interviews, or music. This flexibility allows listeners to engage with your station’s content at their convenience, making it easier for them to stay connected despite their varying routines. 

Diversify content formats 

Integrating podcasts adds a new layer of diversity to your station’s content repertoire. While live broadcasts thrive on real-time engagement, podcasts offer the advantage of pre-recorded, polished storytelling. This opens doors to producing longer-form content, detailed interviews, and immersive narratives that captivate your audience in a distinct manner.

Extend your reach

Podcasts introduce the opportunity to attract new listeners who prefer on-demand content consumption. Your existing audience may also welcome this additional way to engage with your station’s offerings. Promote your podcasts through your website, social media channels, and cross-promotions during live broadcasts to maximize their reach and impact.

Top Tip: the podcasts on your radio website now have their own Apple-compatible RSS feed thanks to the Podcasts Module. This allows you to easily share them on all podcast aggregators!

create radio website

7. Check the referencing of your radio on various directories

It’s also a great time to make sure that your radio station is well-referenced on various online directories.

Online directories are a great way to boost the visibility of your radio and attract new listeners! Plus, adding your radio station is incredibly easy (and free!) Make sure that the information regarding your radio station is up to date (logo, website, social media links, etc…)

Adding your radio station to online directories is a straightforward process that requires minimal effort. The ease of registration eliminates barriers and ensures your station is accessible to a wider audience. Many directories offer free listings, making it a cost-effective means to expand your station’s presence.

Ensure that the information you provide on these directories is accurate and up-to-date. Update your logo, website link, social media profiles, and any other relevant details to paint an accurate picture of your station. Consistent branding across directories reinforces your station’s identity and cultivates a sense of familiarity among potential listeners.

8. Improve or redesign your graphic charter in September

As your radio station gears up for the new school year, don’t miss the chance to take your visual identity to the next level by refining or redesigning your graphic charter. This step, often overlooked, can significantly enhance your station’s professionalism and streamline your content creation efforts. Not only will this help your radio station seem more professional by reinforcing your visual identity, but it will also help you save time when creating images or content for your website/social media.

Reinforce your visual identity

Your graphic charter serves as the visual cornerstone of your station’s brand. It encompasses colors, typography, logo usage, and design elements that consistently represent your station’s essence. A well-crafted graphic charter reinforces your station’s identity, fostering recognition and trust among your audience. By harmonizing visual elements across various platforms, from your website to social media and promotional materials, you create a seamless and cohesive brand experience.

Focus on content creation

A refined graphic charter offers more than aesthetics—it’s a practical tool that streamlines content creation. Standardized design elements, templates, and guidelines save time when generating images, social media posts, promotional banners, and more. This consistency not only ensures a polished look but also accelerates the content creation process, allowing you to focus on crafting captivating content that resonates with your audience.

9. Launch your mobile & voice applications!

Surprise your listeners with a new, easy way to listen to your radio station! Create your very own Mobile Application for iOS & Android so that your audience can carry your radio in their pockets wherever they go!


RadioKing also offers the creation of Voice Applications for Alexa that will allow your listeners to launch your radio station with a simple voice command! Plus, Alexa has the distinction of also being available on various models of connected speakers who have partnerships with Amazon, such as Sonos or Marshall!

Creating your own Mobile and Voice Applications transforms your radio station’s accessibility, offering listeners a seamless experience that fits effortlessly into their daily lives. This strategic move reinforces your station’s commitment to innovation and audience satisfaction.

We hope that you found this article useful and that these ideas will help you get your radio station ready for September!

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