So, by now you have probably understood the importance of creating a website for your radio station, but do you know how to promote it?

This week, we’re giving you 12 ideas that will help you increase your website traffic!

1. Make your listeners want to visit your website

Have you set up your Radio Player on your website? That’s great, but now you need to make sure that your listeners keep checking your website and recommend it to people around them! That’s why it’s essential to have an aesthetic website that’s adapted to the use of your visitors. Make sure that your website respects your graphic charter and that your content is well organized.

On your RadioKing website: If you don’t have any design skills, don’t worry! With Theme 4 of our Radio Website, simply choose two colors and a font and your setup is complete!

2. Share exclusive photos

Sharing exclusive photos with your listeners is a great way to create a feeling of proximity. Whether it’s pictures of your studio or your events, your listeners will be delighted to see behind the scenes of your radio station.

On your RadioKing website: Create different photo galleries to share the highlights of your radio station!

3. Allow your listeners to find their favourite tracks

We all know the feeling of not being able to find a song that we’ve heard on the radio. You can easily avoid this frustration for your listeners by configuring your website to automatically retrieve the tracks played via your player. All your listeners will have to do is select the date and time they listened to you, to easily find the song they are looking for!

On your RadioKing website: The Played Tracks module automatically retrieves the music played on your radio station. The only thing you have to do is to choose the layout of this module on your website. Your visitors will even be able to listen to an extract of this track or purchase it directly on your page!

4. Rebroadcast your live shows

When you broadcast live on your radio station, some of your listeners may not be available to tune in at the time of your broadcast. Why not make your show available on demand by adding it to your website! You will then be able to easily share this content on your social networks and increase the traffic on your site!

On your RadioKing website: Host podcasts on your radio website and generate an RSS feed. That way, you can share it on various listening platforms! 

5. Announce your shows in advance

To make sure your listeners will be there when their favourite show is broadcast live, announce it on your website! You can add important information such as: the name of the host, the topic, the days and times of broadcast, etc…

On your RadioKing website: The Programs module allows you to announce everything you need to know about your radio shows. You can also link it to one of your podcasts so that your listeners can access replays of past shows!

6. Allow your listeners to post messages on your website

In the world of radio, we know that listeners love to interact with each other. Encourage your listeners to visit your website by offering them the possibility of posting their messages on a dedicated page!

On your RadioKing website: Allowing everyone to write a message on your website can lead to bots posting messages too. Our team advises you to easily add a Google reCAPTCHA and avoid any spam messages.

7. Keep your listeners informed of upcoming events

It can be difficult for your audience to remember upcoming events related to your radio station just by listening to your announcements. By mentioning them on your website, they will be able to view them more easily and make sure they participate!

On your RadioKing website: With the Events Module, easily manage your upcoming and past events and even create categories if you organize recurring events!

8. Organise radio contests and giveaways on your website

A great way to build audience loyalty is to organize contests, and setting them up via your website is one of the easiest ways to do it. It takes less time and allows the listener to participate in just a few easy clicks!

On your RadioKing website: Selecting a winner has never been easier with the Competitions Module. The Draw button will automatically select a random winner for you!

9. Improve your referencing by writing articles

One of the best ways to ensure that your website is well positioned in search engines is to add articles to it. We strongly advise you to create content related to your own radio station every week, to encourage your visitors to come back for more!

On your RadioKing website: you can easily check which articles have been viewed the most in the News Management tab.

10. Keep your listeners informed with a newsletter

Have you posted news on your website? It’s high time to let the people who follow you know that they can get the latest news from their favourite radio station thanks to a newsletter.

On your RadioKing website: you can connect the newsletter platform MailChimp to your Radio website. Find out how in this tutorial!

11. Share and re-share your content

After sharing your content via your newsletter, don’t neglect your social networks! It is important to share links to your radio station’s website to encourage your listeners to share them themselves and generate even more traffic. Also, don’t hesitate to share old articles, which may still be relevant today. This will improve your SEO as well.

On your RadioKing website: configure your social network accounts so that you can share your articles with just a few clicks.

12. Create content that appeals to your listeners

If you have read our article and followed our advice, your radio station’s website will be increasingly consulted by your audience.

To keep up the momentum, it’s important to analyze the statistics of your content to find out which ones are best liked by your audience so that you can create new ones!

On your RadioKing website: the Statistics > Content module shows you the most viewed pages in summary form, but you can also use Google Analytics for more detailed statistics.

What are your top tips to increase the traffic on your radio website? Let us know in the comments below! ?

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