The Radio Website has had a (well-deserved) makeover and now offers multiple updates including a new theme for your online radio website.

Theme 4: Between elegance and simplicity 

  • Configure your theme easily

If you aren’t the type to spend 4 hours on your website to change every detail, or if the word CSS doesn’t mean anything to you, good news! The new theme has a completely simplified configuration! Simply choose a main color and two fonts, they will automatically be applied to your entire site!

Would you prefer to customize your website yourself? Theme 3 allows you to go further in the customization of your site with the website editor.
  • A refined design and mobile friendly approach

As you will have understood, theme 4 is intended to be simpler. Thanks to a redesigned navigation, this new theme optimized for mobile goes beyond a simple responsive site. Its “mobile first” design focuses on smartphones and tablets and then gradually adapts to different screen sizes. This is crucial when you know that mobile searches exceed those performed from a computer.

The slider has been redesigned in order to allow you to include a module by its side and favour a modern design.

The player is now placed at the bottom of the website and moves with the user. It is retractable, allowing your listeners to enjoy your website while listening to your radio.

Retractable Player

The menu is also retractable, in the top left corner of your website, your visitors will be able to open it by clicking on it. This will allow you to integrate more elements without overcrowding the display!

Retractable Menu

The layout has also been redesigned to make it easier to modify your Radio Website.

All these elements make your website even more responsive! That is to say, it adapts even better to all screens (smartphone, tablet, etc…)

To activate theme 4 you must have a Full Website offer and go to Appearance > Design > Design Configuration. Once you have selected theme 4, simply click on Save at the bottom of the page to apply it.

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An integrated search bar!

Many of you asked us for it, a search bar is now integrated into your Radio Website, whether you use theme 1, 2, 3 or 4, your visitors will be able to search for a topic, a program or a key word on your entire site.

Offer photo contests!

This new website update includes a photo contest feature! This allows your listeners to submit a photo as a participation for your contest or prize draw. You can then choose the winner who sent you the most beautiful photo!

Share your podcast with the world!

Until now it was not possible to reference your podcast on podcast aggregators with the Radio Site. Manage your podcasts from A to Z thanks to this new update! All your podcasts now have an RSS feed, which will allow you to make your them available on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other directories.

So, what do think about this new theme? Let us know in the comments!

Test theme 4 FOR FREE