More and more colleges are beginning to see the benefits of having an on-campus radio station.

Not only does college radio empower students, it also allows students to engage with their local community.

1. Why College Radio?

College radio is not a means of replacing existing communication tools, it’s a medium that complements other communication tools. College radios can be used as a way to develop a creative hub which allows students to publicize their opinions and build their confidence.

Giving students a voice and bringing them together is invaluable. It creates a strong college identity that students, both new and old, can adopt. A well-established college radio station can help students connect with the broader community, they can get involved in local charities and make a difference outside of campus.   

2. What Your Students Will Gain From College Radio

College radio has a number of benefits for students. These include:

  • Empowering students and giving them a voice. College radio provides an avenue for students to discuss matters in a non-judgmental format. Whether students are discussing important issues such as how to write a college application essay. Or less serious issues such as music and dancing, radio can give students a voice.
  • Building confidence. Many students are more comfortable when talking to a “mic” that talking to a live audience. This allows them to express their opinions without feeling intimidated. 
  • Teamwork. Presenting a radio show is not easy. Many colleges run their radio stations like ‘established’ radio stations. As such, they assign tasks for sound engineers, presenters, and station management.

These tasks can be time-consuming. If you are a college radio presenter who finds it difficult to juggle school and presenting, do not fret, you can seek academic help from various sources such as essay writing service.

3. Find out the Type of Station Your College Needs

Before you power a radio station, you need to find out the type of station your college needs. You need to create a station that appeals to the needs and likes of your college community. An excellent way to get feedback is by creating flyers that contain information about your station.

  • Ask the public “What would you like to hear?” on the flyer.
  • Hang the flyers around frequented places like a library, coffee shop, or community hall.
  • If the station gains popularity, you can profit from advertisements.

4. Write Down all the Necessary Equipment you need

Make a list of all the necessary equipment that you will need. Once that’s done, you can start searching online to find the best price for the equipment!

5. Ask for a Fundraiser in College

You can ask for a fundraiser to help fund the college radio station. If your station is a short-term project, you won’t need a lot of funds but, if you intend on running the station for a long time, the amount of funds you receive will influence your project on the long-term.

You may also want to research organizations that might support your radio station. Once you find the perfect organization, write a letter detailing your fundraising goals. You will need all the financial help you can get so don’t be shy!

6. Buy a Microphone and Audio Console

Unless your primary intention is to play music alone, you need to buy one or two microphones. You will also need to get an audio mixer. This will allow you to switch between various audio outputs such as computers, turntables, or microphones. 

If your budget is limited, you can buy a USB microphone that you can connect directly to your PC or laptop. 

7. Prepare a Couple of Programs and Start Broadcasting

If your station is music-based, prepare a playlist. If your station is debate-based, think of some interesting topics that will entice your listeners. Whatever you choose to discuss, ensure that you prepare for it before you go live on air.

You can also interact with your listeners by allowing them to call and comment on your topics!

Top Tip: The secret behind planning programs is to make each show exciting! 

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