Have you got your radio station and your website up and running? Great! Whether you just started to learn how to set up a website or if you’ve had it for years, we know that you are always looking for ways to improve it.

Let’s not forget that a radio website is a marketing tool which means that it’s important to constantly update it in order to attract more visitors and keep them browsing on your site. Here are our top tips to help you create the best website for your online radio station.

A responsive website

Having a responsive website (that adapts to all screen sizes) is crucial nowadays when you know that mobile searches exceed those performed via a computer. There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving on a website that is not adapted to the device you are using.

If you have a Full Website Offer, you can benefit from Themes 3 & 4 which are both responsive. Theme 4 was designed with a “mobile first” approach to ensure that the display of your website adapts itself perfectly!

Put your radio player in the spotlight

One of the first things that should be visible when arriving on your website is your radio player! Make sure to put it in the spotlight so that your visitors can listen to your radio straight away.

With Theme 4, the player bar is retractable so that your listeners can fully benefit from the design of your website whilst listening to your radio station!

Don’t overcrowd your website

Your visitors may be frustrated if they have a hard time navigating on your website. They should be able to easily find the different elements on your website.

We know that you have a lot of interesting content on your website that you want to highlight, but by putting too much information on your home page you’ll end up suffocating it and making it hard to see.

Don’t forget that sometimes, less is more!

Be careful with your photos & images

Be sure to use high quality photos to avoid any pixelization of your images. You’ll also need to make that your images are the right size to avoid any distortion.

Top Tip: When making your logo or other visual elements, create them in a large format so that you do not lose in quality if you need to resize them for social media etc...

If you don’t have a software that allows you to resize your images, you can use free online services such as BeFunky or Bulk Resize.

If you have a graphic charter for your radio station, be sure to respect it so that your website is cohesive!

Repurpose the content of your radio station

Repurposing your radio shows as written articles is the perfect way to boost your SEO (search engine optimisation) and make your content more visible in internet searches.

In order to attract new listeners, think about the type of questions they may search on the internet and create written content that could answer those questions. For example, you can take a theme that was discussed on your radio show and create an article about it! It’s also a great way for people to catch up on any live broadcasts they may have missed.

Content, content, content

Avoid having empty pages on your website. If a page is still under construction, hide it from your listeners until it is ready as it can seem unprofessional to have a page that isn’t finished.

Also remember to space out your text and create paragraphs instead of big blocks so that readers are not discouraged. Don’t hesitate to use bullet points to express your ideas or you could even separate your content with colours!

Create your radio website today!