Properly referencing your radio site is a necessary step for any radio station that intends to be noticed by its future audience. Today, we’re offering you some insights and explanations on the best way to easily improve the referencing of your Radio Website.

What is natural referencing?

Natural referencing (or SEO) refers to the various actions that will help improve the visibility of your website on search engines (such as Google) in order to generate new traffic. Working on your natural referencing is an essential step in guaranteeing an online presence for your own radio station which will, in turn, boost the number of visits to your site.

How to improve the referencing of your Radio Website?

1/ Domain name

In the world of natural referencing, domain names play a vital role in indexing the pages of your site with search engines. Therefore, we recommend that you obtain your own domain name to improve your referencing if you haven’t already done so.

You can obtain your own domain name from OVH or GoDaddy for $5 – $20/ year. Having your own domain name will improve your SEO ranking, make your radio station easier to find, and also give a more professional look to your radio.

2/ Title and description of your Radio Site

The page title is the first thing that listeners see when searching via Google or Bing. We invite you to prioritize titles such as “Listen To My Radio” or “Today’s Top Rock radio!” instead of a generic title, such as “Homepage – My Radio”.

It’s also important to enter a short description of your radio website, even just 2 sentences are enough. The idea is to briefly describe your website in order to generate interest and attract visitors. To modify your title and description, head over to “General Settings” in your website admin. 

Top Tip: Your title must contain less than 70 characters in order for it to be entirely visible.

3/ Content

Duplicating (Copy/Paste) content from other websites may be tempting at times if you don’t have a lot of inspiration or time on your hands. However, what you may not know is that this negatively affects the quality of your site. Search engines will not suggest a page of your site in its results if the content has been duplicated. This is why we strongly recommend that you produce original and unique content.

Written text isn’t the only type of content that improves natural referencing. Use various types of media on your website such as images, videos, podcasts, or other forms of content that you may think of!

website referencing.
4/ Google Search Console

We strongly recommend that you use Google Search Console in order to better manage all data concerning the Google search results for your website. You can then manage the indexing of your site, locate errors and even add your own sitemap.

Adding a Sitemap is the essential step that allows Google to understand how your site is organized. In order to put a sitemap in place, follow these steps: 

  1. Go to Google Search Console
  2. Click on “Exploration > Sitemaps
  3. Add your site by clicking on “Add/Test Sitemap
  4. Enter the following in the empty field box “sitemap.xml
  5. Click on “Submit

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To better understand how Search Console works, we invite you to take a look at this tutorial

5/ Social Media

Your presence on social media and your natural referencing can be complementary. It appears that the most liked, shared, and tweeted pages are those that are ranked highest in search engine results.

The more your community and your actions on social media are noticed by the search engines, the more your natural referencing will be valued and, therefore, your website will gain visibility.

6/ Design

In addition to the value of your content, search engines also issue a notice regarding the legibility of your site. It’s therefore, crucial for your site to be clear and well-contrasted. Avoid transparent backgrounds or text with colors that are difficult to read.

If people are unable to easily find the content they want to access on your website, they may give up and leave. The easier your website is to navigate, the longer people will stay on it!

Careful: If your website isn’t responsive (compatible with a mobile display), it will be more difficult for your content to appear in the first results of search engines.

We hope that this article has enlightened you on the different means of improving the natural referencing of your Radio Website. If you don’t have your own radio website yet, you can launch a free 7-day demo with RadioKing!