2023 is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about what your radio station is going to bring to your listeners this year. If you’re looking for inspiration, we’ve got you covered! Here are various musical holidays that will occur in 2023, as well as how to celebrate them on your radio.


Musical holidays in January 

Women Rock! Day: January 3rd

Women Rock! Day, celebrated on January 3rd every year, is a day to honor women who have contributed to the rock genre. The day takes place on the anniversary of the date in 1987 when Aretha Franklin became the first woman to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Pay tribute to these women who broke their way into a male-dominated space by broadcasting them on your radio station!

National DJ Day: January 20th

On this day, both amateur and professional DJs are celebrated. Honor the art of record spinning and impeccable music taste by inviting guest DJs to broadcast live on your radio station throughout the day! If you’re having trouble finding a DJ, you could also choose to broadcast some of the best remixes out there.

Musical holidays in February 

Opera Day: February 8th

You may or may not be an Opera fan, but it is one of the oldest musical genres in existence. It has also strongly influenced many other genres. Why not pay tribute to Opera on this special day by broadcasting some on your radio station? Even if it is far from your typical music genre, you can educate your audience with a few songs and interesting facts about opera music’s history and origins.

Get Out Your Guitar Day: February 11th

The name is pretty explanatory: get your guitar out! This is a day for professionals and amateurs to whip out their guitars and play some tunes to celebrate one of the most popular musical instruments out there. It’s the perfect opportunity to broadcast acoustic songs, songs with killer guitar solos, or get artists to play live on your radio station!

World Radio Day: February 13th

This is the perfect occasion for you to talk about the origin of your radio station! When was it created? Where did the idea come from? You can even do a live broadcast with your team members (even those who work behind the scenes) and introduce them to your listeners.

If you didn’t create your own radio station, simply tell your listeners how you became a radio presenter and why you love radio! You can also get your listeners to call in and tell you why they love tuning in to your radio station.

Musical holidays in March 

Piano Day: March 29th

We celebrate world piano day on the 88th day of the year because a piano has 88 keys. This year, it will take place on March 29th. It’s the perfect occasion to highlight THE most popular instrument in the world! Tell your listeners all about the history of the piano, and broadcast some tunes that show just how magical this instrument is.

Musical holidays in April 

World Voice Day: April 16th

Your voice is an instrument, and as a radio host, it’s probably the one that you use the most! Put voices in the spotlight by broadcasting live (or pre-recorded) talk shows on your radio station. Invite artists to talk about the importance of vocal warm-ups and get them to share some top tips with your listeners. You could also broadcast acapella songs, or simply share the work from some of your favorite singers.

International Jazz Day: April 30th

In 2011, International jazz day was created to celebrate how jazz music has united people all around the world. Whether you run a jazz radio station or not, take the opportunity to broadcast a few jazz tunes to celebrate with your listeners! If you’re not particularly familiar with the genre, you could also ask your listeners to send you their song suggestions.

Musical holidays in May 

Buy a Musical Instrument Day: May 22nd

You may not have heard of this music-related holiday, but buy a musical instrument day is celebrated on May 22nd. Let your listeners know if there are any good deals going on, or give a list of great shops where people can purchase a musical instrument. If you play an instrument yourself, you could give people advice on what to look for in a guitar/piano/etc…

Musical holidays in June 

African-American Music Appreciation Month: June

This musical holiday lasts for a whole month, which gives you plenty of time to find creative ways to celebrate it! When it comes to the type of music you could broadcast on your radio, there’s so much to choose from: gospel, folk, blues, jazz, Rock ‘n Roll, as well as hip hop and rap. Take this opportunity to talk about the history of African-American music, and how it has evolved and inspired other genres.

Make Music Day: June 21st

Originally launched in France in the early 1980s, Make Music Day is now celebrated in over 120 countries each year! The aim of this holiday is to unite people and celebrate the power of music together. You don’t have to actually make your own music to be able to celebrate this musical holiday on your radio station. Why not broadcast some independent or lesser-known artists for the occasion?

World Beatles Day: June 25th

It’s time to celebrate one of the most famous groups ever: The Beatles! The idea is to honor the messages of love, peace, and harmony that are conveyed in their music. What better way to celebrate than to dedicate your radio broadcast to the “fab four”.

Musical holidays in July 

International Reggae Day: July 1st

The month of July begins with an international celebration of reggae music! The event originated in Kingston, Jamaica, the motherland of the reggae genre, but quickly spread to become an international celebration. All over the world, people are encouraged to listen to and honor this unique genre. Be a part of the celebration by broadcasting a bit of Bob Marley or the Wailers for example.

Uncommon Instruments Awareness Day: July 31st

There are probably hundreds of musical instruments that you’ve never heard of, like the contrabass balalaika, toha, cimbalom… Teach your listeners something new for the occasion by telling them about a few instruments they’ve probably never heard of, along with some audio extracts. You could also find people who play unusual instruments and get them to tell you more about them live on air!

Musical holidays in August 

Hip-Hop Day: August 11th

Hip-hop has become one of the most important musical genres, with huge cultural impacts all over the world. It’s said that D.J. Kool Herc is the originator of this genre, known for using turntables to play two versions of the same song and then flip between them to stretch the percussive period. Be a part of the celebration by broadcasting hip-hop music on your radio, or by talking about the evolution of this style of music.

International Strange Music Day: August 24th

This day is for all those who prefer unique and bizarre tracks rather than typical mainstream music. It’s the ideal moment to broaden your taste in music and listen to something that’s “outside of the box”. Take the opportunity to dive into eccentric sounds and help your listeners discover new music on your radio station! Who knows, you may find your favorite new artist!

Musical holidays in September 

Classical Music Month: September

It was Bill Clinton who declared September to be Classical Music Month back in 1994. Again, the celebrations quickly spread to a global scale, uniting people from all over the world. Regardless if you’re a fan of rock, country, or jazz music, all genres to this day are inspired by and connected to classical music. It’s also the perfect opportunity for your to introduce this genre to your audience! Even if it’s not their usual style, no one can argue that musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven created masterpieces.

International Country Music Day: September 17th

Country Music Day was launched as a way to pay tribute to the many talented country artists. The day is celebrated on September 17th, which is also the birthday of Hank Williams, an influential country music artist. Get your listeners into the country swing by broadcasting famous artists such as Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, and even Shania Twain!

National Dance Day: September 21st

Launched in 2010, National Dance Day encourages everyone to express themselves through the power of dance. You don’t have to be a professional in order to join in, simply let yourself be taken away by the rhythm! Get your listeners into the groove by broadcasting funky tunes that make everyone want to get up on their feet and dance!

Musical holidays in October 

Kids Music Day: October 4th

Research has shown us the importance of music education for children. For example, music classes have proven to bring both academic and social benefits to children. Whether they play an instrument themselves, or just listen to it, there’s no denying how music can impact your mood, or help you express what you are feeling. To celebrate this day on your radio, you could interview a music teacher about the importance of music for children. You could also broadcast music created by young artists, for example, Stevie Wonder released “Fingertips (Pt. 2)” at 13 years old and Michael Jackson had several hits by the age of 10 with The Jackson 5.

Punk For a Day Day: October 25th

It’s time to become a Punk for a day on October 25th! Punk rock is a musical genre derived from rock, which appeared in the mid-1970s and was associated with the punk movement of that time. The punk movement expresses youthful rebellion and is characterized by distinctive clothing styles, a variety of anti-authoritarian ideologies, and a “do-it-yourself” attitude. Honor the movement by broadcasting bands such as The Sex Pistols, The Ramones, or The Clash on your radio! You could also educate your audience by telling them all about the punk movement.

Musical holidays in November 

Saxophone Day: November 6th

We celebrate Saxophone day on November 6th, commemorating the birth anniversary of its inventor: Adolphe Sax. This instrument comes in many varieties, the most popular types include tenor, baritone, alto, and soprano saxophones. Although it was originally created to be used in classical music, nowadays it can be heard in a broad range of musical genres. Celebrate with your listeners by broadcasting some classic saxophonists such as Charlie Parker, Sonny Rollins, or John Coltrane.

National Metal Day: November 11th

National Metal Day was inspired by the mockumentary film “This is Spinal Tap”. In the film, they use the phrase “these go to eleven” when something should be as loud as possible. This is why we celebrate Metal Day on 11/11. So turn it up to 11 on your radio station with a special metal day broadcast!

Musical holidays in December 

Techno Day: December 9th

Born in Detroit’s music scene in the ’80s, techno music quickly became a global phenomenon. It’s known for being a type of electronic dance music, using various electronic instruments such as synthesizers, drum machines, and sequencers. Many considered it a fusion of futuristic sounds and dance music. Get your listeners up on their feet with artists like Carl Cox and Nina Kraviz.

World Choral Day: December 10th

Alberto Grau, a Venezuelan choral director, established World Choral Day in Helsinki in 1990. It is celebrated every year on the second Sunday of December, and this year the day will be celebrated on December 10th. Music has the power to bring people together and help people bond in many different ways, and that is exactly what this day aims to honor. If you’re not familiar with this genre, take the time to check out some Choirs to celebrate them.

National Violin Day: December 13th

Did you know that “Violin” comes from the Medieval Latin word “vitula” which means stringed instrument? Well, that’s something you can tell everyone on National Violin Day! It’s easily the most well-known bowed string instrument across the world and has found its way to many different musical genres. From “Rather Be” by Clean Bandit, to “Spring” from the Four Seasons by Vivaldi, include some violin in your musical broadcast.

As you can see, there’s lots to celebrate! Aside from broadcasting music, you can also invite your listeners to play games or offer a radio contest for example. Don’t have your own radio station yet? Start your free 14-day trial with RadioKing today.