Starting your radio show isn’t just about playing back to back music followed by the odd advert for washing powder.

Talk radio shows can help boost the popularity of your radio station, with topics of discussion on just about anything and everything under the sun. However, what’s the key to conquering your audience? Ensure that your chosen topic corresponds with your radio show and is relevant to those listening

Understand the audience of your radio show

You wouldn’t discuss the latest range of headphones with your grandmother if you know that it doesn’t interest her. The same thing applies with your audience. Make sure that your chosen topic actually interests your listeners or is at least somewhat relatable. For example, if you’re a heavy metal station, you might want to avoid the topic of Taylor Swift’s latest music video.

When it comes to understanding your listeners, here are a couple of pointers:

  • Social Media is your friend – Do you follow your most loyal listeners on Twitter? If so, take an interest in what they’re tweeting about. What groups or pages have they liked on Facebook? What photos are they sharing on Instagram? By talking about their interests, you can be sure to gain their attention.
  • Create online polls – Using platforms such as Google Forms, Poll Maker or Survey Monkey why not propose several topics and ask your listeners to vote or give their opinion. This can help you better define your radio station’s editorial policy.
  • Take advantage of statistics – Don’t forget that the Radio Manager provides you with valuable information about your audience. If you happen to have a lot of listeners in Germany, find out what the hot topics of discussion are over there. Which brings us onto our next point…

Pay attention to trending topics

  • Keep an eye on trending topics and the hashtags that are being used on Twitter. They can provide you with a multitude of ideas for your next radio show.
  • If you’re short for time, stay in the loop by subscribing to popular RSS feeds for on the go ideas – BuzzFeed, Mashable, TechCrunch etc.
  • Enable App Push Notifications – These days, most people have their favourite news apps on their mobile, so why not activate the Push Notifications and never miss out on the latest news!
  • Activate Google Alerts – Set up alerts based on keywords or phrases that could be of interest to your radio show. Decide how often you want to be notified and wait for the latest news to arrive directly in your inbox!
create buzz

Create a buzz around your radio show!

  • Invite special guests onto your radio show – Bringing on a guest is always a good shout as it can provide your radio show with a whole new perspective to fuel your discussion. Moreover, an influential guest will instantly help your radio station gain credibility. Or why not increase audience engagement by putting your listeners on air? You can easily have them call in to ask questions and put them on air using Voicemeeter.
  • Controversy sells – Obviously, we don’t encourage you to go creating controversy for the sake of it. However, there’s never any harm in voicing your opinion providing that you do it respectfully. Your audience will take you much more seriously if you avoid any foul language or obscenities.

Stay on point

Once you get warmed up talking about a certain topic, you can often forget that you’re actually live on air. However, when it comes to radio, you’ll need to manage your time and know when to limit an endless discussion. Stick to your broadcast clock and know when to wind things up.

If you’re a bit more meticulous and you’d prefer to plan your show to a T, the Programs Module on the Radio Manager will easily help you out. You’ll be able to ensure that your content is well balanced and integrate all the elements of your choice.

So there you have it, hopefully these points have given you a bit more inspiration when it comes to choosing a topic for your next radio show. Remember, providing that you keep things real and relatable, your audience are bound to stay listening!

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