In January 2018, NPR and Edison Research took a look into connected speakers. Thanks to this research, we have learnt that 1 in 6 Americans have already taken the leap and own a smart speaker. Unsurprisingly listening to music (via online radios, streaming platforms …) comes in first place. It is therefore essential for a radio or online radio to be available on the connected speaker market. Good news: RadioKing now offers the possibility of integrating your radio on Alexa!

Why add my Radio Station to Alexa?

With over 28.5 million connected speakers sold, Amazon is currently in the lead! Amazon’s personal assistant is now far ahead of Siri and Google. Why? Alexa has the distinction of also being available on various models of connected speakers who have partnerships with Amazon, such as Sonos or Marshall!

Can I ask for the creation of my Alexa Skill even if my Radio is not hosted by RadioKing?

Yes of course! You can order your very own Alexa Skill directly by following this link: My Radio on Alexa

I am an FM Station, can I be available on Alexa?

If your FM radio is already on the Internet and you have an audio stream, we can create your Skill. Your FM radio isn’t available online yet?

Broadcast your FM Radio on the internet today!

Can I have multiple radios on the same Alexa Skill?

For the moment, you can only have one single radio per Skill.

Do you have a voice app for Google Home?

Our team is currently developing a voice app for Google Home, but we do not have a release date yet.

1 out of 6 Americans already own a connected speaker, what are you waiting for?

Your Radio on Alexa

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