As you know, RadioKing now offers you the possibility to create your own Radio Skill for Amazon’s connected speaker: Alexa. Thanks to these skills (voice applications) your listeners will be able to access your radio station via a simple voice command!

With over 25,000 skills already available, it’s important to find ways to make your Alexa skill discoverable.

The Name 

Our first tip is to make sure the name of your radio station is easy to remember and pronounce.

Your listeners will want to access your radio immediately. If Alexa doesn’t recognise the pronunciation, the chances are your listeners will stop trying to launch your radio and will end up listening to something else.

Also, bear in mind that if your listeners have a hard time remembering what your Skill is called, they may not waste time searching for your name and will open a Skill with a more memorable name.

Ultimately, if your listeners can’t find your Radio Skill, they won’t be able to try it. Always remember that your aim is to make sure that even first-time users with limited experience can find your radio station.

Make it clear

Be sure to write a clear description about what your Skill does. It’s important to make sure that your listeners understand the nature of your Skill. You can do this by creating an informative description, using key words that will attract your listeners.

Make it stand out

Another way to make your Alexa Skill discoverable is to make sure you have an eye-catching logo! Although your Alexa Skill is essentially a voice application, your icon is an important element that will help you differentiate your Skill from thousands of others.

Most of you will probably use the logo of your Radio Station for your Alexa Skill. However, make sure you have an icon that will grab your listener’s attention! This doesn’t mean that it has to be flashy, however try and create a design that represents what your Skill is about.

Here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Your icon should be simple: Avoid using too many elements that could make your icon hard to read. Bear in mind the required size too (512 x 512px)
  • Avoid too much text: You may want to include the name of your Radio Station, and that’s fine, but don’t overcrowd your logo with unnecessary text. Any writing on your logo must be big enough to be legible even at the smallest sizes.
  • Avoid too many colours: Using too many colours can also make your logo hard to read, we suggest you use a maximum of 3 colours. Also avoid using photographs as they can be difficult to see in such a small size, your listeners may not fully understand what your Skill is about.

Promote your Radio Skill

When you have numerous listeners using your Skill, it’s an indicator that your skill provides an engaging experience. The more people download your Skill, the more likely they are to rate it and share their experience with others!

So how can you let your listeners know that your radio station is available on Amazon Alexa?

  • Website: Perhaps you have a website dedicated to your Radio Station, in that case, be sure to include links so that your visitors can download your Radio Skill with one simple click. (If you have a newsletter, be sure to include it in there too!)
  • During your Live Broadcasts: When going live on air, don’t hesitate to remind your listeners that your radio has its own Alexa Skill!
  • Social media: Does your Radio Station have a Facebook page or Twitter Profile? Make sure to remind your audience that they can download your Radio Skill for their smart speaker by posting about it regularly.
Create your radio station and make it available on Alexa!