Summer vacation has finally arrived. Just like every year, your listeners will be back for the month of September and will be relying on your radio station to be with them during this time. Today, we offer you some tips to prepare your radio station for the occasion and make the most of its digital presence.




Redefine your strategy and your new goals.


Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 15.54.27Before you make any changes to your radio station, it is essential to review your goals and strategy, in order to precisely define the changes you’ll make this fall.


Use your audience statistics, which are available from the Radio Station Manager, to understand, anticipate, and satisfy your audience’s expectations.


You can also rely on your own feelings, but it’s very likely that the way your work looks is slightly distorted.


Therefore, we recommend that you ask your team, your friends, and your most faithful listeners so you can get several comments and constructive criticism that could potentially improve your work.

Once you discover your new goals and confirm them with your team, it will be easier for you to embark on a new strategy.


Expand your digital tools


iphone-radiostationThe fall is the perfect time to improve or offer new formats to your listeners!


. Mobile App & Radio Station Site 


The Mobile App and Radio Station Site have interfaces that allow you to easily manage and edit all your content in just a few clicks. Why not make a few key changes for this autumn?


. Launch a complete redesign of your graphic charter..

. Offer your listeners some new features – Dedications, Votes, Contests, an Alarm clock, etc.

. Improving your SEO, making your site responsive – Also work on your mobile app’s SEO referencing, thanks to the description about the different stores.

. Highlight the “behind the scenes” of your radio station, news about your team, and their favorite hosts.

. Develop some new tools to generate traffic to your site and downloads on your app: AdWords, AdMob, Facebook & Twitter Ads, etc.


Our Advice: to renew your graphic charter, we recommend you get to know a freelance graphic designer, if you don’t already have your own graphic designer. Specialized sites such as Peopleperhour or Freelancer can put you in touch with young independent people, who can support you from $70/day.


. Social networks 


The least that can be said, is that the advent of social networks has revolutionized the concept of the relationship between radio stations and their listeners.
However, it’s no longer enough to just post news to attract your listeners’ interest. Instead, we recommend that you take advantage of using the “surprise effect” for this autumn: Facebook Live, Instagram, Snapchat, and even Periscope must become your new friends!


Actively take part in checking out your competition.


Browsing foreign radio stations to look for good ideas can also be a solution. With Google, you can use other languages to search radio stations broadcasting in countries other than your own.



.What have they done this year?

.How do they stand up against your radio station?

.What formats do they use?

.How do they use social networks?


This type of research gives you a chance to take the role of the listener (a vision that many producers lose as they gain in experience) and take another look at your own work.


Take care of your content


Finally, the most important point. This autumn should be an opportunity to bring new life to your radio station with a new design, a new graphic charter, new hosts, and even more attractive contests!





By following these invaluable tips, your radio station will make the difference compared to others for the new season! If you want to share other tips with our community, feel free to share them in the comments or on social networks!


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