Launched in Marseilles by the WOOT Family, RADIO WOOT offers its listeners a huge underground culture: indie rock, electro pop!

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Can you describe your project and the origins of “RADIO WOOT” in a few words?

RADIO WOOT is an Internet radio station from Marseilles that brings underground musical culture (indie) forward. With constant updates by a passionate (and volunteer) team of programmers, it broadcasts the latest indie rock, Lo-fi, brit pop, electro rock/pop tracks. Several radio shows: Crush On new (new tracks from discovered artists), Niusound (slot for new tracks in the evening at 8pm), Who’s the Boss (listeners’ playlist), Sound Of The Eighties (indie from the 80s), Radio Kills (a season-themed or philosophical-themed show that gives radio an (in)cultural aspect) and many more

The radio station, created in 2013 by Manu Rémoleux (Party Pop), who is a Marseilles pop scene activist, has since expanded and celebrated its 3 years anniversary in 2016 with a handover, a new name, Radio Woot, a new team who still volunteers, and a new website.

Radio Woot gathers lots of partnerships with festivals on the French Riviera (Yeah, Rockorama, Fiesta des suds, MIDI festival) or with local media (Lollipop music store), which connect real life to music that you can listen to and buy.

This is in addition to all the Indie concerts and festivals that we attend, as well as our partnerships with renowned labels/collectives (Talitres, SLY, La souterraine).

. Did you have any experience in the world of radio before that?

No, we didn’t have any experience in the radio industry.

. How did you hear about Radio King?

We were looking for an ad-free platform (we were previously using another platform where ads were inevitable), and our dear Marseilles friends from Doum Doum Radio had just found out about Radio King – We have gone along!

. According to you, what are the essential features Radio King offers to a radio station?

All required features to create a radio station in a simple and efficient interface. Also, on Radio King we don’t have to broadcast ads, and this is a real bonus!

. What are the different ways people can listen to “RADIO WOOT”?

RADIO WOOT is, of course, available on our Radio Station Website (, but also on smartphones (iOS, Android, Windows & Blackberry) where you can find our referenced radio station: Simple Radio, Radioline,, Orange Radio & Radio King!

. Can you tell us about your audience profile?

Our listeners come from around the world: Europe, USA, Asia, Africa and even Australia, but most of our listeners are from Marseilles. They hear about us during events and parties that we attend or through platforms where our radio station is referenced.

. What do you like most about this project?

Discovering new tracks, new partners (labels, festivals, bands…). Lots of bands also send us their music.

. How do you select the artists who are broadcast on “RADIO WOOT”?

They have to match our team’s musical guideline. No concessions, we don’t advertise or promote artists. We just have to have a crush. We’ve had such requirements from the very beginning of this project, and this is why we’ve had so many very good labels (SLY or Talitres) or bands coming to us.

. What’s next for “RADIO WOOT”?

Blind test or Djs sets events in Marseilles in September. We also have new partnerships with different local media and festivals. Finally, we would like to be able to broadcast live concerts on our radio station and recruit new programmers.

. To finish up, do you have any words for anyone wishing to embark on this adventure?

Having some professional requirement with the means available to you… you will always be rewarded.

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